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Aamir Khan and Pritam’s last collaboration was not exactly a masterpiece. But with what looks like a winner from the “Chillar Party” director, let us see what Pritam has in store for us this time. “ HAANIKAARAK BAPU ” is a lyrical as well musical gem which oozes with creativity. Everything about this song seems apt. Firstly, Pritam dishes out a very catchy Rajasthani folk tune topping it with a rock feel. The tune itself along with the arrangements is a winner. Secondly, the two singers – Sarwar Khan & Sartaz Khan Barna are fabulous. Be it their perfectly-in-tune rendition or their prose portions, they are terrific. The chorus portions are very good too. But the real winner of the song is Amitabh Bhattacharya. Listen to every single word of the song carefully and you will realize what potential he has. His lyrics are awesome. They are highly humorous and very innovative. You can’t help but marvel at his witty words. They make you smile at times, laugh out loud a


Few years ago, one man wrote a book on three IIT college students and their misadventures. Little did he know that his book would become an overnight rage, attain cult status in the coming years and initiate hundreds of mediocre so called writers to publish their own novel along with their banking / engineering / IT profession? And so in the last few years, we have been tortured with numerous novels which describe college life, love stories during college life, stories about friends and how they encounter troubles. Most of the so called authors failed miserably in coming up with good novels. Infact many of them were downright horrible. THANKFULLY, Manav Vigg presents to us a novel which breaks free of all the above said clich├ęs. “CONFUSED BASTARDS” is indeed a unique title. My wife saw the novel and remarked, “What sorts of books are you reading?” However after I finished reading the book, I felt the title was pretty apt. PLOT Confused bastards starts from wh


DISCLAIMER - THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS AND IS LONG, THOUGH NOT AS LONG AS ASHUTOSH GOWARIKAR'S FILMS.  1. A drunk conversation between friends is on its way. Kaira suddenly announces, “I like people who smell nice.” To which her friend Jackie reacts, “I hate smelly people.” 2. As she comes to terms with her so called breakup, we see Kaira stuffing noodles at a roadside joint called “Taj Chinese” and then offering the rest of it to a small boy. But in the background, the director subtly places Eros cinema and a poster of “Ki & Ka”, directed by her better half. 3. During a conversation in the midst of the therapy session, Dr Jehangir Khan casually mentions the phrase “English Vinglish”, the director’s debut film. 4. For the first time, something which was an integral part of everyone’s childhood is given importance – I am talking about Tinkle and Suppandi. 5. Kaira’s friends love her, but that doesn’t stop them from teasing her by calling her short story as