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“English Vinglish” was a lovely film. Infact, it was one of the finest films to have come out in recent years from Bollywood. Debutant√® director Gauri Shinde managed to tug all the right emotional chords with a gem of a movie. So in a way it is not incorrect to have huge expectations from her second directorial outing, especially with a stellar leading cast. Also, since the different “TAKES” of the movie have started coming out, there is a lot of freshness and positive vibe in all of them. Be it the camaraderie between Alia Bhatt and SRK or the lovely music, everything about this movie seems right. Let us have a look at the soundtrack of the film.    “ LOVE YOU ZINDAGI ” is vintage Amit Trivedi. Right from the moment the opening music plays, you know that this song will put you at ease. To add to the innocence, we have Jasleen Kaur Royal doing the vocals with her trademark cute voice. She is so apt for the song, the setting as well as Alia’s character. The icing on


The history of the Mughals and the Marathas has always been a subject of personal fascination for me. Right from the time our school teachers taught us about Akbar, Chhatrapati Shivaji, I knew that there would be many other less known heroes during these dynasties. And then came Sanjay Leela Bhansali who wished to make a film on Bajirao Mastani. For a decade, the idea remained just an idea, before finally being converted into a beautiful celluloid experience in 2015. The best part about “THE PESHWA” is that debutante author Ram Sivasankaran gives you an indepth glimpse into what happened before Mastani appeared. Infact, the book ends with Mastani’s appearance. I had always wondered about how Bajirao Bhat became “THE PESHWA BAJIRAO”, and Ram does a perfect job in responding to my doubts. PLOT Set in the 18 th century, the novel describes the rivalry between the powerful Mughal empire and the headstrong Maratha empire. Things are set into motion when the Nizam