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Music review ekk deewana tha

So finally i present to you my review after having listened ten times to the songs. DISCLAIMER- while every music reviewer is comparing this to VTV, let me clear myself that i've not heard the songs of VTV.and so i'll be totally unbiased towards any lyrics or music changes in EDT compared to VTV. KYA HAI MOHABBAT starts off with a lilting waltz and rahman sings it perfectly. Such a song would have been perfect for mohd rafi.simple lyrics,typical off beat rahman tune and rahman's signature singing. A good start. DOST HAI HUM- ever since i heard this line in the movie's promo, it had got me addicted. The full song is no less. Naresh iyer sings the only line in the song with aplomb. The rap is good,however is a bit more. Nonetheless, a must listen. AAROMALE- i had heard a lot about this song and its singer joseph alphonse.and true to what i had heard,this song doesn't disappoint. A complex tune,and an even more complex voice,this song is one of those trademark r