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Music review KEVI RITE JAISH

This is reason enough to celebrate- for the first time, a gujarati film is all set to promoted on a national level. The first time i saw the trailer of KRJ, I was impressed. Here was a gujarati film which looked fresh, urban and promising. Even more exciting was the news that suraj jagan was singing a "rock" song in gujarati in the film. And so with a lot of expectations, i downloaded all the soundtracks from the film's official website, somewhat stunned by the massive playback singers list. "KEVI RITE JAISH" starts of beautifuly and the soulful voice of roopkumar rathod only enhances the beauty of the song. A song which highlights the yearning of a person who is about to leave his family and go to u.s.a, jainesh panchal's lyrics are touching and simple. The song also has two more versions- a sad instrumental version where sandeep kulkarni impresses with the flute, and an unplugged version sung by aman lekhadia which is no doubt very good, but not as

"Satyamev Jayate- Really"

this article has been written by someone else. i have just uploaded it on my blog. Dear Mr. Amir Khan, “NOT ALL DOCTORS ARE GREEDY” “THERE IS NO PROFESSION THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CLEAN” “DOCTORS ARE OBLIGED TO SERVE BY CHOICE, NOT BY COMPULSION” Sir, I have been a big fan or your work, life and principles. I am also a fan of ‘Satyamev Jayate’. But I was shocked to see the episode on 27th May, 2012. You are an Icon. You should have thought well and done the homework before doing such a biased show. There are only two people in the film industry that are being taken seriously by the thinking class of society, You and Amitabh Bacchhan. So, when you give such a biased and one sided version of a story, it hurts. Speaking about such a thing on a “commercial” TV show is bad. (I am sure you have taken a big amount, only doctor are supposed to do charity and social work, not actors!!! Right!) I want to highlight few important points here. And yes I am qualified to make observation


After all those "anurag kashyap chamchaas" have given their over the top reviews, here's one from me.i took a lot of time to write it,mainly because it took me time to get averse to the multi-layered songs. Jeeya tu bihar by manoj tiwari is brilliant. The choice of singer is perfect, the arrangements by sneha khanwalkar are too good. As it is,this song is already a big hit. HUNTER- i wont talk about the double meaning thing.already lot has been said. Nonetheless, a fun innovative track. Will be a hit courtesy the lyrics and the carribean flavor. WOMANIYA- i just am in love with this song. The way it starts, the oo-oho oho portion, and the live recording feeling with the chorus faltering at times- all giving the feeling that this is really being sung by a couple of amateur women, and not in a studio. And that is what exactly works. Ditto. The song also has a techno version. Brilliantly done by sneha. Although a piece of advice- never tamper folk,however tempting it mig

Music review Ferrari ki Sawaari

When i first saw the name of pritam as the music director for fks, i was a little suprised. Vidhu vinod chopra (VVC) have,over the past years developed a fine rapport with shantanu moitra,who has delivered consistently. So i was a little hesitant as to what to expect from this pritam outing. But after finishing listening to the album,i literally wondered- is this really pritam? First to come is the MAUSAMBI song, sung by k.mohan. Some very interesting lyrics, a soothing,easy-on-the-ears tune and nice singing makes this a very good starting track. If promoted well (and i'm sure it will), this one will be a hit. MAARA RE is a highly noisy stadium track.sung well by rana majumdar,aishwarya nigam and aashish, this song as a highly addictive signature chorus tune. The song only gets better with the entry of sonu nigam in the last antara. MALA JAU DE- Meaning Mujhe jaane de in hindi,this one has catchy beats.but didnt work for me. An overdose of item songs this year. Well sung tho