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“Run of the mill” has never been Rohan Sippy’s genre. Baring Kuch na kaho, all his other films have been bizarre and different. The same thing goes for his soundtracks. While “Kuch na kaho” had the most normal OST of all his films, “Dum maaro dum” had a lovely mix of romantic songs and club numbers. But it was “Bluffmaster” which had the most bizarre OST of all. With a few original songs by Vishal Shekhar, Rohan collaborated with a number of artists, put in some remixes, few instrumental themes and created an album which was very different from the usual stuff. “Nautanki Saala” treads on the same lines as “Bluffmaster”. It has various composers pitching in with a song or two. Let us see how good the album is. “MERA MANN” is a soft simple romantic track written, composed and sung by Pakistani singer Falak Shabir. A song which I guess has already released long time back, Falak sings this one in his usual style. The serene mouth organ which plays in the background is a treat to the ea


I am a big fan of both of Amish Tripathi’s novels. And as the day nears when he will unveil the concluding part of his trilogy, my excitement is only growing. And at such a time, the makers come up with an ingenious idea of releasing a soundtrack for the Shiva trilogy. One look at the cd cover and you know that there are big names attached to the songs. So I wait with bated breath and play the songs. Here’s my music review. The “SHIVA TRILOGY THEME NEELKANTH” as the name suggests is a four minute musical piece. The piece starts with an excellent flute rendition followed by a beautiful tune continued on the flute. Very haunting and rousing, this piece is the perfect beginning to the album. Taufiq Qureshi sets the atmosphere right from the first track. A piece which will be loved by those who love background music. “SHE ENTERS HIS LIFE” starts off with a brilliant Sanskrit shlok rendition. Those who have read the books will know that this song depicts the first meeting


Making India ’s first 3d dance film is definitely a first of its kind in our country. It is a gamble which can work very well, but can even tank if not handled properly. The trailers of ABCD impressed me right from the time they came online. And the fact that they had a huge ensemble of India ’s finest dancers and choreographers made it all the more exciting. Remo D’souza’s last film FALTU was not an extraordinary film, but it was a good film. For a first timer, Remo directed it well. And ofcourse, the choreographed sequences were superb. Let us see what Remo offers us this time when he directs a film set in his own arena. The movie starts with a dance competition named “Dance Dil se” and Remo wastes no time in getting straight to the point. Within minutes, we are introduced to Jahangir (Kay Kay Menon) and Vishnu (Prabhudeva) and we instantly know who the good guy is and who the bad one is. Ethics become the reason for a rift between the two (Who were fast friends till now), and we


While he has already written many novels prior to this, Mukul Deva’s latest novel “RIP” was his first book I read. The synopsis promised a highly engaging plot and an equally engaging read. Let us see whether the novel delivers as promised or falls flat. In a present day India marred by rampant corruption and scams, we are introduced to a group called the K – TEAM. This team is headed by retired Colonel Krishna Athawale and consists of Retired Major Kevin David, Karan, Kashif, Kamlesh, Kulwant. Angered and fed up of the corrupt politicians, these vigilantes decide to put a stop by killing them. And so the team divides into groups and expertly kills three people – who were close relatives of three politicians involved in few corrupt scams. Calling themselves the “Resurgent Indian Patriots” or RIP, they take up the responsibility of the three murders and publically declare that unless the prime minister takes immediate action against the corrupt ministers, three more mu


How much do you expect from the director who gave us a smashing debut in the form of “A Wednesday”? Well, a LOT. And thankfully he delivers. Director Neeraj Pandey’s second flick “Special 26” is definitely one of Bollywood’s most intelligently scripted film. The film opens with the CBI raiding the house of a minister. This CBI as we have seen in the trailer consists of four people – Akshay Kumar, Anupam Kher, Kishore Kadam and Rajesh Sharma. The con CBI men are unknowingly helped by the local police officers Jimmy Sheirgill and Dutta as they manage to empty the minister’s black money-filled coffers. A long time after these thugs have finished their RAID does the real CBI Manoj Bajpayee get wind of what is happening. What follows thereafter is a chase of sorts between the asli and the nakli CBI. Set in the year 1987, director Neeraj Pandey takes up the real story of Mon singh and the raid he conducted on 19 th march 1987 in the showroom of Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri  


Very rarely there comes a movie which tugs your heart even before it has released. “Kai Po che” is one such film. Based on Chetan Bhagat’s novel “The 3 mistakes of my life”, I am BADLY looking forward to it, mainly because – It is directed by Abhishek Kapoor whose last film “Rock on” was a brilliant one – classy and one of my all time favorites. The film is based in my state GUJARAT , and it is indeed a proud feeling believe me; seeing the picturesque locales of Diu and other places. The first trailer of the film – it was everything I had expected – reminiscent of Dil chahta hai in a big way. It is one of the finest trailers to have come out in a long time. Sushant Singh Rajput – even a trailer and two video songs are enough to know that the guy can act and emote marvelously. AND LASTLY – “AMIT TRIVEDI” . Enough said. “MAANJHA” is pure heaven. With outstanding imaginative lyrics by Swanand Kirkire, Amit Trivedi himself sings this one and the result is MINDBLOWING. Every second o