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Sometimes simplicity is all that is needed to touch the heart. The more uncomplicated a story, the better it penetrates within. Santosh Avvannavar and Shayan Haq pen this poignant short story called "SHE - EKLA CHOLO RE" which can be easily finished off in a single sitting of about half an hour and yet move you. PLOT Set in the 1990s, this story revolves around 2 characters- renowned Dr Rajendra Mukherjee and a female called Kusum. The authors delicately talk about homosexuality and gender changes and how stupidly the society reacts to such things. At one point, the authors write- "Real love and truth go together." I couldn't help but agree to what they wrote. The entire Bengali setup is very beautifully done. The overall plot is pretty simple - a man giving a lift to a lone lady on the highway. But what follows is very beautifully penned. There are simple things which touch the heart - Kusum getting reminded of her own mother on meeting Raj's mother,


Not all works of nonfiction are dull. I admit I myself am not a very hardcore fan of nonfiction, although I do occasionally read some beautiful works. “LIFE MANTRAS” cannot actually be categorized under the category “Nonfiction”. It would be better to call it a book that teaches you a lot about life. There are so many things in our daily life which we all know, and yet we always learn something new about it from someone else. This book is full of such lovely examples. “SAHARASRI” SUBRATA ROY SAHARA talks about love, respect, admiration and all other virtues and characters of a human being with finesse. He talks about marriage, about a husband  - wife relationship, about hard work, honesty, truthfulness, trustfulness, about a mother – child relationship, and what not. The best thing however is that he cites hundreds of examples from daily life to prove his point – examples with which all of us can relate. He tells us that apologizing is NOT a bad thing.