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Vishal shekhar have had a phenomenal year so far. Kahaani and shanghai both boasted of a mind blowing soundtrack. It was a pity that most of the songs were not included in the movies. One looks forward to see what the duo compose for karan johar’s movie. With three totally new actors and a “typical karan johar first trailer”, it remains to be seen what the music will be like. “DISCO DEEWANE” or “THE DISCO SONG” : Vishal shekhar take up the very famous song of the yesteryears and make it into a new song, adding a newer tune, some beats and retaining the “disco deewane” loop. To be frank, when I first heard it, I didn’t like it at all. Compared to the original one by nazia hassan, this one fell flat. But after repeated hearings, I feel it is not that bad. The violin portions in between are simply awesome. That signature tune is seriously nice. Benny dayal and sunidhi chauhan do a decent job. An average song. “RADHA” is sung by 4 singers. Shreya ghoshal starts the


“HALKAT JAWANI” is prototype of salim sulaiman’s recent works – taking a mediocre tune and adding some good innovative background music to make it an above average product. The singing by sunidhi chauhan is good as she sings it with aplomb. As I said earlier, the arrangements are very good. Overall, it is an okay-ish song according to salim sulaiman standards, which will ironically work the most among all the other songs. “SAAIYAAN”: Rahat Fateh ali khan returns after a brief absence from the music scene and produces an absolute gem. His singing is superb. Salim sulaiman’s tune is soothing and lovely. The use of violin and dholak is awesome. However the resemblance to Yeh honsla (DOR) is unmistakable. Yet, this is a fine song. A track to be heard in the dark of the night with the headphones plugged in your ears. “MAIN HEROINE HOON”: Sung by Aditi singh sharma, this is a situational song describing kareena. While sharma sings this with a lot of attitude, the t


So finally we have a full album release after the very popular “Go Go Govinda” released 3 weeks ago (On the occasion of Janmashtami, which is quite natural). For those who don’t know, OMG is based on a famous Gujarati play “Kanjibhai v/s kanjibhai”. After a hilarious and impressive trailer and a hit Janmashtami track, let us see what the rest of the soundtrack of OMG has to offer. “GO GO GO GOVINDA” is already a chartbuster material. It has been played in localities all around me during the janmashtami festival, and it is seriously addictive stuff. Appearing in two versions, the first one is by Mika and Shreya ghoshal. Himesh uses the famous “Govinda Aala re” loop and builds an entire song around it. Featuring Prabhudeva and Sonakshi sinha in a promotional video, this song is foot tapping and has a good tune. The song has a reprise version where Mika is removed and Aman Trikha sings along with shreya. I personally liked Aman’s version more than mika’s version.

Why the name "BARFI"?

There have been many speculations as to why is anurag basu's latest movie named BARFI. Well, few days ago I came up with an interesting theory which i thought i should share with you. I initially shared it with  @dunkdaft (owner of who also felt that this could be a possibility. however i wasn't too sure whether this was a true assumption or just a mere weird idea of my brain. finally today i decided to post it.  Ranbir kapoor is named MURPHY in the movie. Now from what i've learnt as a doctor, a mute person does have little speech, but the way he pronounces words is different. This is mainly because when we speak, we use our lips, tongue and our palate. By combining these three, we produce sounds and various syllables like M, B, P, T, etc. Each syllable is produced by different combinations of touching of the above 3 mentiones structures. You yourself can try it by pronouncing different consonants. A mute person cannot do this entire thing ef


Anurag basu’s films have always been associated with good music, be it with the balaji telefilms (Kucch toh hai), or the Bhatts (murder, tumsa nahin dekha, gangster, saaya) or the roshans (Kites) or with UTV (Life in a metro). Even his teleserial “Love story” boasted of some brilliant songs which are a rage on the internet even today. This trio of UTV – Basu – Pritam is back again after “Life in a metro” which according to me is pritam’s best work so far. Read HERE why the movie is named BARFI. With a phenomenal year so far with some great music in jannat 2, Ferrari ki sawaari and cocktail, there are a lot of expectations from pritam. Does he deliver? HANDS DOWN. “ALA BARFI” – a unique track, it is difficult to categorize this track under any one genre. With a beautiful whistle beginning as well as ending the song, this song is mohit chauhan and swanand kirkire’s show all the way. Mohit chauhan who is now touted as the voice of ranbir kapoor is superb as he does

Music review : RAAZ 3

Raaz 3 is an important film for the Bhatt camp. Firstly it marks the reunion of vikram bhatt and the bhatt clang. Vikram who had fallen apart,had started his own production banner devoting himself totally to giving horror films- the brilliant 1920, and then Shaapit and haunted 3D. Secondly, the previous 2 raaz films have been successful. Yes,i personally loved even the second had some great performances (that excludes adhyayan suman), good story and good music. MUSIC has always been a trump card for the bhatts, be it mahesh bhatt or vikram bhatt. Let's see what they do here. " DEEWANA KAR RAHA HAI" is composed by rashid khan. A blatant and direct lift from an egyptian song, this is the best song of the album. Javed ali is as melodious as ever,his voice soothing and trance-like. This song will work, courtesy him and emraan hashmi. "ZINDAGI SE" sees Shafqat amanat ali singing. After an average song in jannat 2 (TU HI MERA) this song is somewhat s


I know I know. You people have been subjected to uncountable batman reviews. This is probably the zillionth fan based review which must have been written on the dark knight rises. So let me not bore you and tell you that this is not a review . I won’t describe the synopsis nor the performances nor the direction the way a movie critic does, because MUCH has been written on all that. I was sort of a late batman fan. I watched the Dark knight 2 years after it released. I watched batman begins a week before. But I did watch the final part of the trilogy in the theatre on the first day in the first show. I won’t be exaggerating when I say that I dreamt about the movie for 3 consecutive days after I watched it in the theatre. That itself says how much I loved it. Infact the only other movie which invaded my sleep and totally wrecked it was “INCEPTION” (Again Christopher Nolan). Okay, so while people have loved the last film, there have been a lot of negative res