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“KAAFIRANA” is composed by guest composer Gaurav Dagaonkar (of the song College Days fame) who recently composed a song or two in vikram bhatt’s film “Lanka”. It is disgusting as to what heights the makers of this film are going to promote this song. The entire controversy about FAKHT and JUST is irritating and pointless. Coming back to the song, I expected something out of this world as it had “ THE” Chitrangada featuring in it. But the song is a big disappointment. It has nothing new to offer, only adding itself to the countless boring item songs this year. But if you consider silly beats and a beaten-to-death-tune as a rocking song, then you will like it. For me, I’d grudgingly listen to it only because the accompanying video features chitrangada. However, I’d prefer ALIVA and TAJ MAHAL CHAI ( maan gaye saif ) to this song anyday. In any case, the song is going to be a hit irrespective of what critics say. “JUGNU” brings back Udit Narayan after a long time. Th


So finally one of the most talked about shows comes to an end. Love him, or hate him, Aamir khan certainly took people by storm, at times due to his topics, at times due to his fees (allegedly 3 crore per episode), and also due to his supposedly genuine emotional outbursts on the show. He brought up topics which we all were aware of. But then India is a funny country. People prefer to listen to Aamir khan rather than Anoop Soni. Among all these controversies, one man silently gradually carved some of his best works. I’m talking about Ram Sampath. For a man who has been in this industry since more than 15 years, who gave us the lovely KHAKEE and the recent DELHI BELLY, this show has escalated him to new heights. For every episode Ram Sampath roped in different lyricists and singers to produce some really good tracks. And now that the show is over, here’s the exclusive music review of “SATYAMEV JAYATE – THE ALBUM”, something I’ve been waiting to do since a long long ti


Sanjay leela bhansali’s sister Bela leela segal makes her debut with this fim. After starting her career as an assistant director 33 years ago in vidhu vinod chopra’s film “Parinda”, she has editor for all of SLB’s films until now. With a rather unique pair of Boman irani and “debutante” Farah Khan, the promos of this film promise it to be an out and out romantic comedy. While SLB’s films have always had brilliant music, it remains to be seen how Jeet Ganguly (Of the former pair jeet - pritam) fares. After delivering a fairly good soundtrack in “Blood Money”, let’s see what he gives us here – “ ISHQ MEIN TERE BINA ” sounds like a song straight from the 90’s. the song starts nicely with beautiful guitar and harmonica. Overall, there is nothing new in the tune. K.K and shreya ghoshal sing the song very well. A song that is sweet, harmless and hummable, this one wont have a long shelf life. “ KHATTI MEETHI ” once again sounds like a 90’s song. This one however


After a huge album containing 14 tracks, the wasseypur fellows are back with part 2. this album has 13 more songs including instrumentals and second versions. A special thanks to lyricist varun grover whose post on moifightclub was very useful. you can read it HERE .   “ DIL CHICHHA LEDAR ” is sung by a 13 year old girl from Andhra Pradesh named Durga. Apparently this word “CHICHHA LEDAR” is a common north indian word suggested to varun grover by anurag kashyap himself. With nonsensical yet amazing lyrics by varun grover, this song is awesome. Sneha khanwalkar cleverly uses some unique background instruments. The result is a fantastic track which is already becoming very popular. 3 years before, irshad kamil gave us “CHOR BAZAARI”. Now varun grover gives us “COAL BAZAARI”. “ KAALA RE ” is sung by the composer herself, has a haunting feel to it. With a constant “hitting” sound in the background, sneha’s singing falters at many places. And still, you somehow come t


“MASHALLAH ”: ”Salman Bhai jaan’s favorite Sajid wajid get to compose 1 song. As usual, sajid wajid do what they always do. A highly mediocre and ordinary tune is converted into a song. BUT their plus point – they always create a fantastic signature tune loop. Even in rowdy rathore, they did it. Here too, the initial tune on the harmonica is addictive, already being the ringtone of several people I’m sure. Wajid’s singing is okay, and shreya ghoshal’s voice is good. She has sung in 2 different scales which have been superimposed upon each other. I don’t quite dig this style. Why not let the singer sing in just one scale? Anyway, the song is already a hit, thanks to a superb video featuring Katrina kaif in an awesome belly dancing avatar (drool..) and salman looking as good as he always does. Sohail sen takes over sajid wajid for the remaining 3 songs of the album. THANK GOD. “LAAPATAA” has a carnival tune, the song reminiscent of “salaami” (Dhoom) in many

Songs which give me GOOSEBUMPS

GOOSEBUMPS – that feeling or sensation when you feel the hair on the back of your hand stand up. People get goosebumps when they get scared. Music does that to me. There are few songs or portions of it, which give me goosebumps. So I rummaged through my ipod, trying to make a list of such songs. Now, there will be people who, after reading this post, will realize, “Hey, this guy is right. Even I get such goosebumps when I listen to this song.” And there will be even people who will say, “Is he mad? How can such a pathetic song evoke goosebumps?” But then these are my hormones. This is how they react to the given songs… J There is no particular order, just few random songs and my thoughts on them: The first composer who comes to my mind (and probably every music lover’s mind) when talking about goosebumps is A.R Rahman. Few of his songs which gave me that feeling – LUKA CHHUPI : The antara when a.r rahman takes over lata mangeshkar – Kaise tujhko dikhaau yahaa