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Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is an album and movie I am eagerly looking forward to. Firstly it is directed by Ayan Mukerjee whom I have had the pleasure of meeting and spending some time with before his debut movie released, and secondly because his first movie “Wake up Sid” is one of my all time favorite movies. This time instead of SEL and Amit Trivedi, he ropes in Pritam to compose the music. “BADTAMEEZ DIL” is instant chartbuster material. Right from the immensely catchy tune to the superb singing by Benny Dayal and Shefali Alvaris, the song will appeal instantly. The USP however is the fabulous lyrics penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya. They are hilarious, innovative and deserve applause. Notice how he intelligently uses the phrase “Gilli Gilli Akkha” from the old song “Yeh Jawaani hai deewani”. Add to that Ranbir Kapoor’s Shammi Kapoor like dance and we have a winner on our hands.   “BALAM PICHKAARI” is one more hell of a catchy song. This time Shalmali Kholgade and Vishal Dadlani


Suspense thrillers are always dicey. One has to make sure that the reader is kept engaged till the end. The pace should not slacken or bore the reader. And most importantly the finale should be jolting and awesome. Keigo Higashino’s “SALVATION OF A SAINT” easily fulfils all the above criteria, and ends up delivering a lot more than the usual suspense thrillers. A Japanese bestseller, this book is translated by Alexander Smith. PLOT – Yoshitaka Mashiba and Ayane Mashiba are married since one year. Things are not at all rosy between the couple. And so when Yoshitaka ends up being murdered by poisoning, naturally his wife is the first suspect. But the wife wasn’t even near Yoshitaka when he was poisoned. Infact, she was a hundred miles away at her parents’ place. So then who murdered Yoshitaka? And most importantly, HOW? CHARACTERS AND WRITING – There are only a handful of characters – making us ponder even more as to who the killer is. Keigo Higashino’s writing style i


Inspite of the bubbly trailer, one isn’t quite sure what exactly to expect from the soundtrack of Gippi. But hopes are sufficiently high because the music has been done by Vishal – Shekhar, who have an impressive record with Karan Johar (Dostana, I hate Luv Storys). “WE ARE LIKE THIS ONLY” is a literal translation of the common hindi line “Hum toh aise hai bhaiyya”. With lyrics by Vishal Dadlani, this song has “Vishal Shekhar” written all over it. The song begins with a rather intriguing instrumental loop. What follows next is some rap by Hard Kaur mingled with Vishal’s singing. As I said, standard typical song from Vishal Shekhar. Nothing great, but catchy, peppy and foot tapping. “PEHN DI TAKKI” is even more typical. A tune which gives the feeling of “I have heard something like this before”, Vishal sings this one nicely. What lifts the song above the ordinary is the smart and innovative instrumentation. The duo ensure that they make this a fun filled song w


So Sachin – Jigar pair up for the second time with director Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K after their last film “Shor in the city”. It must be remembered that Sachin – Jigar became a household name after “Saibo”. So let us see that what they bring for us this time. With a film like “Go Goa Gone” which looks insane, mad and fun, let us see what the music has to offer in this “Zom-com”. “SLOWLY SLOWLY” is already a rage. With a retro beginning to the song, this techno party song is total madness. Be it Talia Bentson’s “Aisa na kar na kar na kar na kar na kar mere yaar…” or the “Slowly slowly” chant, the song is an ingenius mix of beats, techno arrangements and creativity. And the lyrics – it takes balls to use such lyrics (Take a bow Priya Saraiya) which are outrageous and yet sound perfect for such a song. It is strange why some narrow minded idiot hasn’t yet opposed the song’s lyrics. In any case, I don’t care. The song is mindblowing, and that is all what matters.


“TANTRA” is written by ADI. That’s it. That’s his name. When I checked this book on the blogadda site, I found the premise rather interesting – a female guarding a city against vampires. And so let us see how dear adi capitalizes on this concept. PLOT – Anu Aggarwal is a professional guardian who works for an organization which kills vampires and protects New york city against vampires. However when Anu’s boyfriend Brian gets murdered, she is hell bent upon taking revenge. With only a grainy picture as a lead, she soon discovers that the murderers have a connection with New Delhi . And so she applies for a job transfer and comes to Delhi . However Anu realizes that things are much more complex than she had imagined. There are vampires who are friends rather than foes with her organization, and the real enemy is someone else – who is upto something ghastly. And so Anu gets herself involved in the Indian religious customs of Sattvic and Tantric knowledge. While all this


Bad news – An overdose of melody Good news – You still enjoy many of the songs Bad news – Jeet Ganguli’s ordinary performance Good news – Mithoon and Ankit Tiwari Still bad news – Tulsi Kumar Good news – She has sung only 2 songs, sparing the other 9. Now the original “Aashiqui” was nothing out of the world. It featured actors who are not even seen these days. And the much talked about “cult” music too was nothing great. True it showcased Nadeem Shravan’s ability to dip songs in tragedy and melody and serve us an album which over the years has gained maximum popularity among heartbroken lovers and rickshaw drivers. However knowing the amount of “lifting” Nadeem Shravan did, I trust Mithoon, Ankit Tiwari and Jeet Ganguli more. “TUM HI HO” is undoubtedly the best song of the album. Composed and penned by Mithoon, this song is melody at its very peak. The lilting piano coupled with a surreal sounding Arijit Singh makes this a gem. This is one of t


Horror is not a genre Vishal Bhardwaj is exploring for the first time. He gave us the lovely childrens’ horror film “Makdee” few years back. This time however he only produces this one rather than directing it too. From the two trailers released till now, it is clear that this one is damn scary. Let us see what kind of music this movie offers – after all, it is again the magical Vishal – Gulzar duo at work. And we even have Suresh Wadkar this time. “YAARAM” belongs to those beautiful romantic tracks Vishal Bhardwaj composes. With Sunidhi Chauhan at her melodious best and a soulful rendition by Clinton Cerejo, this one has a superb tune backed by some excellent arrangements. The real star of the song is the lyrics. Now the lyrics are definitely oscar material. Infact few people might love the use of such words which we use in daily life, while few might cringe at the lyrics. BUT only a genius like Gulzar can come up with such innovate stuff, and most importantly get away with it. Ov