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Nikhil Advani is one of those rare directors whose films have always boasted of brilliant music – Kal ho na ho, Salaam-e-ishq, and the recent Patiala House. Even Chandni Chowk to China had the gorgeous “Tere naina”. In short, his movies have always had quality chartbuster stuff. And the people responsible for this have always been the same – Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. D-Day looks very promising from its promos. However, one doesn’t know what really to expect from the music, as there seems less scope for music here. Yet, let us take a look at the album of D-Day. DUMA DUM gets one more version, this time in the voice of Mika Singh. What is with this song that it is getting so many remakes? No doubt it is a great song, but there is always a tolerance limit. And that has been reached. Earlier this year, even David had a version in the voice of Rekha Bhardwaj. Coming to the song, it is good. Mika does a good job with the vocals. But that’s it. I would prefer the original versi


The latest book which Blogadda delivered at my door step was a book called “MY STROKE OF LUCK” written by Vijay Santhanam. And believe me, I am indeed lucky to have read this book. Firstly, I myself am a doctor. So that changes my entire perspective towards the book. I have seen people suffering from all kinds of strokes and brain abnormalities, ranging from mild to severely debilitating. But Vijay Santhanam’s book moved me, deeply. STORY – One can’t really call it a story. It is a true and heart wrenching write up of the odds faced by a single man, how he dealt with it, how he came out of it and what he is capable of achieving even after facing so much in his life. Vijay Santhanam, at a young age of 41, was afflicted with a cerebro vascular stroke, resulting in paralysis of the right side of his body. His speech was lost. A stroke at such a young age is distressing, both to the patient and the people around him. But then, as I have learnt in medicine, disorders of the brain can a


Rohit Shetty’s movies never boast of path breaking music. However, this time he teams up with Shahrukh Khan. Let us see what Vishal and Shekhar give us in the music department. 1234 – GET ON THE DANCE FLOOR – Staying true to the title of the film, the song starts with some tamil rendition by Hamsika Iyer. We are also treated to some tamil rap portions done by Sricharan. To put it bluntly, the song is highly irritating. Following the path taken by umpteen item songs, this one too progresses on the same lines. With a catchy background beat, we are treated to Amitabh Bhattacharya’s disappointing lyrics. (Is it really him?) Vishal Dadlani sings one of his career’s worst songs. He is totally out of tune and doesn’t fit in at all in the song. Even the video hardly does any justice to the song. Overall, nothing is right about this song. Please delete it if you have downloaded it. Period. TERA RASTAA is another disappointing track. With Amitabh Bhattacharya singing this one, I was expecti