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Music review Jannat 2

Expectations are humungous as the team of emraan-pritam-bhatt returns. In fact it is the team of emraan pritam and kunal deshmukh, whose previous both films- Jannat and Tum Mile have had brilliant music, me being a big fan of the latter. TU HI MERA sees pritam rope in shafqat amanat ali. Right from the initial guitar strings,you can experience the bhatt-ness. Pritam's tune is somewhere similar to his previous tracks,although i cant figure out which ones. Maybe pee loon. Thankfully,he doesn't keep the beats similar to pee loon,instead increases the tempo. That works! Great singing,as usual. This one is already making its way to the top of the charts. TERA DEEDAR HUA- i just cant get enough of this man. He is already having a fantastic year, with chaahat (blood money) being a really well sung song. Here Rahat Fateh Ali Khan goes really high on scale, and the result is pleasantly pleasant;-) a qawwalish atmosphere, this song is easily the best one in the album. Do listen. The

That Man Called Milan Luthria

He is in the film industry since a very long time, and has given us films like kachche dhaage, deewar, chori chori. But today i'll focus on his last 4 films- taxi no. 9211, hattrick, once upon a time in mumbai and the dirty picture. All these 4 films have been written by that genius rajat arora. And as statistics say, the dirty picture and once upon a time in mumbai were superhits and raked in a lot of money. Whereas hattrick was a dud at the box office and taxi no. Was an average film at the box office. Personally however, the latter two films are my favorites, compared to the dirty picture and once upon a time in mumbai. If you look at it, hattrick and taxi both revolved around the same theme- LOOK INTO YOUR OWN SELF RATHER THAN FINDING FAULTS WITH PEOPLE AROUND YOU. And that is what is the best thing about both these movies. Taxi had two fine actors opposite each other. While john abraham was perfect for the arrogant rich spoilt son, nana patekar was as always perfect as

kahaani movie review

Few years ago, there was this period when all of a sudden, two ghosh's entered the bollywood film industry,almost at the same time. While ken ghosh chose to go the typical bollywood way and give us ishq-vishq, sujoy ghosh and vishal-shekhar gave us the timeless JHANKAAR BEATS. Yes i name the composers along with the director because every film sujoy has made has always been backed by some superb music, be it jhankaar, home delivery or aladin. To say that i'm a little biased towards Sujoy ghosh wont be wrong. I have always loved his direction. And so it really pained me to see him struggle with his previous 2 films,which were no doubt not extraordinary, were made with a lot of sincerity. And then he slapped us. He slapped his critics, the media, and every single person who thought he was a bad director. He slapped us all by making KAHAANI. Kahaani begins on a furious note.and it remains furious right till the end. Vidya bagchi who is in her third trimester pregnancy l