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He was a teacher whom everyone loved. He taught us chemistry during our 12 th standard. It was a small personalized tuition class which he conducted at his home in his dining room where 12 of us would sit around a circular table along with him, and he would teach us chemistry on pages. There were no blackboards, no powerpoint presentations, no projectors. He would write every single word and teach us. He was an ideal teacher, something about which we have read only in books. In my 11 th standard, I performed a bit poorly in chemistry. It was a major setback to me since I usually used to top in my class. Since that day, I was determined to excel in chemistry in my 12 th boards, since that was the year which would determine my future career. To be honest, chemistry bewildered me at times. I just couldn’t get the concepts right at times and thus the less score in my 11 th standard exams. But things changed as soon as my 12 th standard began and I started going to sir’s classe


It was a day every Gujarati will remember for the rest of his life. On 26 th January, 2001, when people were still asleep relishing their holiday, when students were at their respective schools saluting the tricolor, the earth shook like never before. Within a matter of few minutes, mother nature unleashed her fury on Gujarat. Belonging to the city of Vadodara, I was 13 years old when this happened. I still recall the events as if it happened just yesterday. Our class of 7 th standard had gone on a trip to Kutch. A five day trip, we had resided in tents on the outskirts of the city of Bhuj in a small village called Madhapur. That morning of 26th january was a queer one. The entire night, the incessant barking of dogs around our campsite had troubled our sleep. We woke up early to go to a place called "Kalo Dungar" situated on the outskirts of Bhuj. At 8.25 am, we were in the bus passing through the city outskirts when suddenly the atmosphere became cyclonic