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Writing a psychological thriller is a tricky genre. There are hundred different things you have to take care of to make sure you serve the right mix of elements to the readers. Juggi Bhasin’s latest novel “FEAR IS THE KEY” claims to be one such novel. But does it succeed in keeping the readers hooked till the end? Well, almost… PLOT “Yummimages” is a digital platform run by three people – Rahul, Suhel and Simone. Rahul and Suhel are thick friends since college days and their friendship is one of those unbreakable ones. Then comes Simone who instantly entices Rahul but on the other hand, develops a slow but sure enmity with Suhel. To sort out things between the two, Rahul hosts a party at his house during which Simone mysteriously disappears. Even after the police thoroughly investigate, they are unable to solve the mysterious disappearance of Simone. Finally, Rahul decides to solve the mystery himself. As he goes further, he realizes he has to battle his inner demons