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I was a late entrant into the "Mirzapur" weries. Even though it arrived 2 years back, I watched it only a couple of months back during the lockdown. I finally gave in to the immense pressure around, and I couldn’t resist seeing what was so great about the show which led it to become the most successful series in India. And hence, I started watching the first episode of season 1. Shuru majboori mein kiye they, par baad mein jo majaa aaya, I can't describe that. I realized that the hype around the show was totally justified. Also, the makers ended season 1 on such a cliffhanger that it was imperative for everyone to wait so eagerly for season 2. PLOT, DIRECTION & WRITING As I started watching season 2,I slowly realized a few things. This season was way different from the previous one. Gone was the rawness and loudness. The amount of violence shown also seemed much less. Things seemed much more mature. My thoughts were only strengthened as I progressed further.  Season 2


  (CONTAINS SPOILERS) (The images have been taken from Sumit Purohit's twitter timeline.) I remember being enthralled right from the day the teaser of this web series was released – A star from our Gujarati film industry was making his debut as a lead actor in a BIG web series. What followed was an excruciating wait before the series finally released on 9 th October. The rest, as they say, is history! "SCAM 1992 – THE HARSHAD MEHTA STORY" is a masterpiece in all aspects – be it the writing, the dialogues, the direction, the performances or the music. It is very difficult to find faults in such a perfectly made series. Padma Shri Sucheta Dalal & Debashis Basu's book is converted into an extraordinary screenplay by Sumit Purohit and Sourav Dey. The amount of research is evident – I can imagine the number of months or even years that must have gone behind writing the script, dialogues, finding locations, obtaining permissions and most importantly, recreating