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  As mentioned by the author Rammesh in the preface, even I was wary initially as to how did the guy manage to find FIFTY Indian war films, that too good ones. But then I started recapitulating, and I realized there were quite many.   As soon as I laid my hands upon the book, I immediately checked the "Contents" page to see which all films the author had included. There were times when I smiled satisfied seeing a few expected names pop up. There were times when I read the movie name and realized – "How did I not remember this film!"   WRITING STYLE, LANGUAGE & GRAMMAR Author Rammesh's writing style is grammatically correct and immaculate. I particularly liked how he designed this scoring system for each films based on a lot of criteria. To be honest, being a bollywood fan myself, even I had never analysed a war film with such precision and detailing. The way he categorizes the points to be seen in a war film are excellent. For example, the authen