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Has the music of A.R Rahman really changed? thoughts of a true rahmaniac...

This is a question which has been debated by many people over the past two years. Ever since rahman won the oscar, he has been inundated with various projects, both Indian and international. Many believe that this has led to a downfall in his quality of music. Is that really true? I don’t think so. If I ask anyone which is his favorite rahman album, majority of the people including me will say either Bombay , or taal , or maybe roja . But few will also say Rockstar. The commonest answer people give is that earlier, rahman’s songs had soul, depth. Look at the songs of Bombay – every song dripped of soulfulness, melody and purity. Today when you hear the songs of rockstar , you might say that they are awesome no doubt, but nothing like Bombay or taal. Answer me frankly – do such films come up today? When was the last time you saw something poignant and moving as Bombay? Those were different times, when such music worked. I am not at all saying that today such music doesn’t

my top 30 songs of 2011

My top 30 songs of 2011 This list is in no particular order. I tried giving them ranks, but couldn’t make up my mind which songs I liked more. Rangrez (TWM) – undoubtedly the best song of the year. What a sparkling debut by Krsna. Kun faaya kun – There’s no one like a.r rahman when it comes to creating such divine songs. Jo bhi main – Wonderful lyrics and awesome singing. Saadda haq – Touted as the anthem of the year, this one swept me off too. Yun hi (TWM) – what a year it has been for mohit chauhan. Piya (TWM) – one of roopkumar rathod’s best works till date. Baawre (Pyaar ka punchnama) – This one sung by Clinton cerejo is an unusual choice, but I loved it. Saibo (Shor in the city) – Shreya ghoshal, tochi raina and sachin jigar created a melody which’ll linger for a long time. Dil dhadakne do (ZNMD) – A typical SEL number, this one was a highly spirited song with a great chorus. Dekho ek nanhi si jaan ( Stanley ka dabba) – No one like shankar mahadev

television when i grew up

Things were different when I was a child… I wont say they were better; there was no facebook, no twitter, no mobiles, and the internet was a new toy in the market. But we had our own things to enjoy. Back during my first 10 years of life, that is from 1988 to 1998, there was school, and of course TV. Every morning vishal would entice us with DISNEY HOUR. I would spend hours both in the morning and evening watching ducktales, talespin, gummy bears, and many more. SONY had just started their new channel and every evening from 5 pm to 7 pm , I would sit down glued to that channel. The 3 stooges, dennis the menace (Both these shows in black and white) were outrageously hilarious. Hen there was “I dream of genie” and “Bewitched.” How can one forget my all time favorite “Small Wonder”? I have lost count how many times I’ve watched each episode. That serial was a cult. Cartoon network was heaven at that time. Today it has been totally spoilt by crap cartoons, but there was a time when it u