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  Let me be brutally honest. I have always loved Vishal Dadlani – be it his compositions with Shekhar,  his singing or his writing. Infact, Jhankaar Beats remains one of my all time favorite albums even today. However there was a time in between when I had started disliking his political stands. Now I myself am not in particular favor of any party, but I always felt that Vishal is a bit too vocal about his political stance. With time I realized that it is his personal opinion and one has to respect that. His contribution to the music industry SHOULD NOT BE mixed with his political standing. And so here I am with a list of my favorite songs sung by Vishal. And let me tell you – I had a tough time choosing these. The main reason behind this was the highly unconventional singing of Vishal. Here is a singer who can choose when to sound melodious and when to sound husky and scratchy in a good way. Those who feel Vishal can only sing fun energetic songs should kindly go through this list