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So after an unpardonable delay, here I am with my list of favorite songs of 2014. Thank god I put it up on my blog before 2015 ended. If we look at entire albums, here are my favorite albums. These are albums whose all songs I love – 1.        Highway – This is vintage Rahman. Plus there is Imtiaz Ali to give you breathtaking Himachal along with the songs. 2.        Happy ending – Raj and Dk always manage to extract the best out of Sachin – Jigar. There is an unusual addictiveness in this album which makes it un-put-downable. Very versatile album. 3.        Queen – This is Amit Trivedi at his very best. Once again a very creative and lovely album. The best part of the album was it complemented the film very well. The songs fitted well in the film, never seeming forced or unnecessary. As far as individual songs are concerned, here are my top 50 songs. The songs from 50 to 11 are in no particular order. But the top TEN songs are rated according to how much I loved them –