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  Achala Moulik's novel "Rogues Among the Ruins" is not a fictional novel, in case the synopsis gave you such an idea. It is essentially a pure non-fictional tale in the guise of a fictional novel.   PLOT There isn't one single plot. It is basically an amalgamation of a few incidences from our country's history, beginning from pre-independence era to post-independence era. The focus here is on how corruption invades all forms of professions and all strata of the society. The novel begins with an archeologist named "Elangovan" describing in first person his experiences during the British rule. Later on, Elangovan's son Raman carries forward the account in first person how he experienced the various events during his tenure and experiences of his colleague. There are a lot of familiar names during this phase – Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, Arun Jaitley & Ram Jethmalani (Towards the end), and you really enjoy watching the proceedings throug