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Flipkart has come out with a new page on their app called, “What India Reads” “What India Reads” is all about what you read or would like to read. The app is designed basis genres for now and will soon feature what celebrities and authors read as well. The idea of the app is to make readers aware of what books are right at the top and also to help them discover books they might have not known of earlier. 


An A.R Rahman musical is not just a routine soundtrack. It is an event of sorts. In addition to that, Rahman has been in splendid form in Bollywood since the last few years. However when the trio of Irshad – Imtiaz and Allah Rakha come together after two massive hits “Rockstar” and “Highway”, it is an even bigger event, particularly because of the individual artistic liberties and licenses these three people exercise – Irshad is always at his eloquent best, Imtiaz shoots songs like no one else does, and Rahman – well we all know what he can do when given the proper environment and freedom without any directorial shackles or limitations. Maybe it is this zone of comfort which brings out the best in all three of them. “Tamasha” is a journey of sorts, involving stage acts, lot of travelling, and obviously introspection, as in all Imtiaz Ali movies. I expected a soundtrack with songs which would be less appealing on audio hearing; however nothing of that sort happened, and the