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This film intrigued me from the moment I saw its first promo. I still remember the facebook contest regarding the film’s music. Since then I had been waiting expectantly for the music. And since the tracklist released few days back, the anticipation has only grown further. I made it a point not to listen to the single track released few days back, because I wanted to hear the full album at once. And finally it is there. “AAYATEIN” is the same mesmerizing aalaap which appeared in the film’s trailer. Sung by the Malyalam reality show winner Najim Arshad, this one is pure divinity. Najim Arshad’s voice is superb. But when one was a full fledged long aalaap, the song gets over! With a running time of just 54 seconds, this one mesmerizes you during every single second. How I wish it would have been longer. “SAWAALON KI GOD MEIN” finally showcases Najim Arshad’s immensely soulful voice to the fullest. With some out of the world saarangi and some haunting chorus, this


There are few movies which have a soundtrack as an aide to the script. While there are few movies which heavily rely on the soundtrack. The most recent example of this is “ROCKSTAR” – a film which needed an extraordinary soundtrack, and that is just what Rahman gave. Touted as India’s first dance film, director Remo D’souza goes a step further to make it in 3D. He also ropes in some of the country’s finest choreographers and dancers. And finally to make sure that there is someone who can act, we have Kay Kay Menon. And then there is Prabhudeva. Now this movie needs a great soundtrack – something which can provide ample opportunity for these dancers to show off their skills on screen, and at the same time sound good to the ears. After his first bolly movie “FALTU”, Remo once again ropes in the extremely talented and “under rated” Sachin – Jigar. After giving some very good music in FALTU, let us see what ABCD has in store for us. “SHAMBHU SUTAYA” is a ganesh aar


Special 26 is indeed a special movie for many reasons – firstly it marks the second film of director Neeraj Pandey who gave us the impeccable “A Wednesday”. Secondly after a long LOOOONG time we will see Akshay Kumar in a lead role which is different from the stupid characters he has played in his last few movies. (Well except OMG where he wasn’t in the lead.) With a superb ensemble of actors like Anupam Kher, Manoj Bajpai and Jimmy Sheirgill, one still has doubts as to what the film’s soundtrack would offer. Even “A Wednesday” had not a single song (It didn’t need one) except a promo video song which very few people would have heard. With M.M Kreem as the music director, one is definitely curious as to what is in store for us. “TUJH SANG LAGEE” starts off with M.M Kreem’s melodious voice. I have always loved his voice whenever he has sung in hindi movies. Joining him in this soulful ballad is K.K who sounds quite different and nice. It is indeed a pleasant change fr