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  When it comes to business management and stuff, I shy away, because I believe I am simply not someone made for doing business. However, when it comes to movies, I believe I am someone who was born to be a movie lover. So when I came upon this book which proclaimed to provide "Movies & management lessons for dreamers", more than anything I was curious to see what this book offered. Also, the description of the author Lakshmi Narayana read – "Business leader plus movie enthusiast". And so I decided to give this book a try. THE PLOT  First things first – this is a non-fiction book. Broadly, it is a book containing lessons regarding business management, pitching, how to be a successful enterpreneur, etc. However instead of taking the conventional preachy route, author Lakshmi Narayana takes up a rather interesting route of explaining things with numerous references of movies.   It is a novel concept, and I really loved it. This is a method to increase th


  2022 was a solid year as far as Hindi music was concerned. There were less crappy remakes compared to last year. Or maybe I finally learnt how to ignore those completely. For me, Amit Trivedi takes the cake for being the composer of the year. No one has utilized the COVID lockdown and the post-covid period better than Amit Trivedi. I mean, just look at the amount of music he has composed in the last 2 and a half years! And I don't count only films. I am counting every single song he has composed for "AT AZAAD", his latest music album "Jadu Salona" and one   lovely Gujarati film album titled "Prem Prakaran". When I was just beginning to fear that he had become repetitive, he proved me wrong with that banger of an OST titled "QALA".   Another noteworthy composer this year was Achint Thakkar with his fabulous and wacky "Monica O My Darling". Talking about lyricists, I have to mention that genius named Varun Grover for his wor