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James Patterson is a big name amongst the popular novelists of today. I hadn’t read any of his novels till now. But I have read Ashwini Sanghi’s two books – “Krishna key” and “Chanakya’s chant”. When I heard that these two authors were collaborating for a novel, I was indeed excited. Here’s what I thought of the book. PLOT The plot is totally Indian. Obviously. Even though James Patterson is involved, the two authors justify the title of the book, weaving an intriguing and lovely plot which is filled with Indian elements. It is a clever mix of Patterson and Sanghi’s imagination as they combine Indian religion with fiction and suspense to create a gripping novel. The plot is something like this – PRIVATE INDIA is an Indian investigative organization headed by Santosh. Along with few other members, they take upon the case of a serial killer who is in no mood to relent. One by one, the killings take place, the killer always leaving peculiar mementos at the murder site.