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A few days ago I read an article featuring an interview of Bedabrata Pain. How he and his wife were fighting a case against an electric razor company holding them responsible for their son Ishaan’s demise. A former NASA scientist, Bedabrata Pain has earlier produced a film “AMU” starring Konkana sen and directed by his wife Shonali Bose. In Chittagong, the 16 year old Ishaan was supposed to be playing the main role. Now as the film is ready, Bedabrata dedicates this to his son. As he said in this interview, “someone decided to take my surname too seriously” Shankar ehsaan loy are back after a long time. Their last outing was Don 2 which had little of novelty and more of repetition of the tunes used in the first Don.   “BOLO NA” is sung by Shankar Mahadevan. To say that this track is good would be an understatement. It is fantastic. A totally classical song based on the raag Baageshri, this one is a brilliant composition with equally brilliant lyrics penned by Pr


For those who don’t know, gulraj singh is a music composer who also plays the harmonium and the electric keyboard. He is a regular in Shakar – Ehsaan – Loy’s group, and he even was a part of SEL’s episode of Coke studio at MTV. Last year he released an album “Ganaraj Adhiraj” featuring 10 tracks. Call it lack of promotion or the effective curbing of piracy, this album wasn’t available on any pirated website (A commendable feat indeed). Thus, naturally not many heard this album. But it was praised critically by everyone who heard it. This year the composer is back with “Ganaraj Adhiraj 2012”, and this time he again includes the 10 songs from last year’s album. Thankfully due to good promotion, this time people are listening and buying this album. Since I started blogging months after it released, I decided to review both last year’s and this year’s songs. “GANESH MANTRA” is a short mantra which is sung by Gulraj singh and ehsaan. With a haunting beginning, it


Indian cinema has always had a strong desire to portray disabilities on screen. While 99% of such films are dull and message oriented, there are a few directors who prove that such people don’t always mean gloom. And so we have Anurag Basu taking us in the life of Murphy. For three hours he transports us into a world which is literally a fairy tale. Such is the beauty of the final product that I actually felt like not leaving the cinema hall; staying a little more in Barfi and Jhilmil’s world. Have you ever felt irritated by the beginning credits of a film? The ones which go like – “Special thanks to…”, “Media partners”, “Publicity partners“, and the names of thousand other brands which might have played a miniscule role in the film? But in Barfi, you never realize when all that finished. Reason? “PICTURE SHURUUUU…. HO GAYI PICTURE SHURU….” This was innovation at its cinematic best. Swanand Kirkire’s witty and apt lines in his own voice make us rapt with attent