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Music review Don 2

Zara dil ko thaam lo, because the king is back.. After one of the slickest action flicks bollywood has ever witnessed in the form of don, farhan akhtar is back wit DON 2. As always, the very dependable trio shankar-ehsaan-loy are behind the helm of affairs in the music department. But do they deliver yet again? Let's see. Before any singers step in, SRK himself starts the album with one of his dialogues from the movie. What a novel way to begin the audio track of a sequel. Classy! Anusha mani and vishal dadlani deliver ZARA DIL KO THAAM LO perfectly. While anusha's haunting vocals go perfectly in sync with the mood of the song, it is the sinister-sounding vishal who aces the track. This song is tailor-made for the guy. If there's anyone who is making vishal deliver hit after hit, it is not vishal shekhar. It is S-E-L. HAI YE MAAYA starts off in a similar fashion as the previous track.but woah,you are in for a surprise- USHA UTHUP. Not at all unfamiliar with this genre, she

Music Review UDAAN

This one is one of my all time favorite albums ever. After a.r rahman, if there’s anyone who can match his kind of music, it is amit trivedi. In udaan, amit trivedi teams up with amitabh bhattacharya and anurag kashyap a second time after the much successful dev D. “Aankhon ke pardon” starts of slowly, with a guitar. Slowly the tempo builds and the track turns to be a beautiful number sung by neuman pinto and joi barua. Perfectly placed in the beginning of the movie, this song starts off quietly and ends as a soft rock number. “Geet mein dhalte” starts with a piano piece. Sung by amitabh bhattacharya and amit trivedi, this is a soft rock song with really good lyrics. Again, a well placed song in the movie. The haunting chorus is a high point of the song. “Nadi mein talab hai” initially sounds like a song from the 1990’s with cathedral like piano, but soon amit trivedi and neuman pinto’s voice take over. With again some beautiful lyrics, this one is a winner all the way. Again, the

Movie Review ROCKSTAR

Well, I was waiting for this movie since a long long time, primarily due to two reasons – one, A.R Rahman, and secondly, Imtiaz ali. So there was no doubts about the fact that I was watching it Friday morning itself. Here’s my review. The movie starts in usual imtiaz ali style – confusing, but soon gives way to an innocent looking ranbir kapoor auditioning for jo bhi main. He is a college student, whose life involves his guitar, a canteen, few friends, samosas and a mentor in the form of the canteen owner Khatara bhai. After a fake heart break and few light moments, our hero finally gets it right with heer aka nargis fakhri. Together they enjoy some outrageous activities like watching a hindi porn movie, drinking some desi daaru and a wild bike ride amongst the picturesque Kashmir . What happens thereafter is what rockstar is all about. The journey of janardan to Jordan is what the film is all about. As I said earlier, this is a movie in true imtiaz ali style – vague, confusing, dis