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Murder suspenses are always a tricky genre. The writer has to have the ability to hold the readers till the end and then pull an ace up his sleeve in the form of a shocking suspense revelation. Sourabh Mukherjee’s latest novel “The Colours of Passion” is one such novel which just about manages to tick all these boxes. PLOT Hiya Sen was the current heart throb of the Tollywood film industry until one day when she was physically assaulted and then murdered, just few days after her marriage. As ACP Agni Mitra starts investigating, we are taken into the lives of the usual suspects – Hiya’s husband Manav, Manav’s ex – fiancĂ©e, an ageing and fading actress, etc. WRITING I have previously read Mukherjee’s small book titled “Romance Shorts” and I had pretty much liked it. So naturally I was looking forward to this book. The novel starts of in kickass thriller style. The way the story progresses is perfect material for an unputdownable book. It had me hooked in