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Remember those lectures of social studies back in the 8 th standard where we studied civics and economics? Well, Pavan K Varma’s latest book is a nostalgic reminder of those dull lectures. How I only wish this book would have replaced my textbook at that time! PLOT : We all are fully   aware of whatever is going on in our country at present. Widespread (And I emphasize on the word WIDESPREAD ) corruption has infiltrated every corner of our country. And hence we witness a rather frustration demonstration on television and in newspapers about how criminals instead of being in prison are roaming around free – some whose trials are going on since ages in the court, while some who have given the law a slip and are free, while some are sitting in the parliament RULING OUR COUNTRY! Frustrating, isn’t it? And while we may raise our voice in protest and voice our opinion on how our country has been downgraded, simply commenting will not help. We need to do something, and that too


This post contains spoilers and is for only those who have already seen “Kai po che”. When was the last time you actually marveled at what you are seeing on screen in a film? I experienced that moment of cinematic brilliance three days back while watching “Kai po che”. This is not a review. It is a post which recollects those extraordinary moments of “Kai po che” which made me smile, cry and look up at Abhishek Kapoor in respect and awe. The initial frame of the movie where we witness a few sports events itself grips us, as if preparing us for what is going to follow. And so we have three friends – Ishaan Bhatt, Omi Shastri and Govind Patel who bond more than all the glues available in the world. They are the perfect trio which anyone can identify with. Infact their bond is much much better than what we saw in “Dil chahta hai” or even Abhishek’s last film “Rock on!”. Reason? These are much more realistic figures. While “Dil Chahta hai” had three friends who were rich enough to simply