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  A general question to everyone who reads a lot of books – what is the first thing you look whenever you read a book from a new author? There are going to be a lot of answers – plot outline, genre, etc etc.   For me, it always was and it will always be the author's command over language. And that is why I loved Nachi's debut novel "Death of a District Magistrate".   PLOT It is a murder mystery just as the synopsis promises. There has been the death of a renowned district magistrate and it most likely appears to be a suicide. Or is it? As the story unfolds, we realize that things are murkier than what they appear. Watch how the protagonist "DSP Arjun Iyer" solves the case.   WRITING STYLE Narasimhan Eswar chooses to use the pseudonym "Nachi". I still remember that time when this author known as Chetan Bhagat made his debut. And everyone was gaga over the fact that he wrote a book so relatable, he was an investment banker who quit


You can listen to the entire playlist on Spotify  HERE Despite the persistence of COVID in 2021 and despite the mix of majorly OTT releases and a few theatrical releases, 2021 was a pretty good year for music lovers. Here is a list of my top 30 songs from Hindi films.  The first 10 songs are ranked according to my liking. The remaining 20 are in no particular order. This list only contains songs from films released in 2021, with the exception of "99 Songs" which I had already included in my list of favorite songs of 2020.   1.    Thode Kam Ajnabi (Pagglait) (Himani Kapoor, Arijit Singh, Neelesh Misra)   The best thing about 2021 was Arijit Singh making his debut as a music composer for a full music album. He had composed a song here and there, but with "Pagglait", he made me respect and adore him even more. The fact that he thanked A.R Rahman when he released the OST is evident. What a mindblowing soundtrack he delivers – including the instrumental backgro