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I have been following Mayank Shekhar since the last many years. I have always liked his writing and his bollywood film reviews. He is one of the few Indian film critics I like primarily because he reviews the "product" and not the "people" associated with the "product". (Unlike many so called reviewers and film critics who vomit out their personal hatred towards a particular actor/director in the review.)   And so when I came to know about this book written by him, I was only happy to read it. Major chunk of the book focuses on bollywood, so I had hardly any reason to complain,   being a hardcore bollywood fan myself.   The title of the novel itself evokes nostalgia – "Name, Place, Animal, Thing". The kids of today's generation who are perennially glued to their mobile and laptop screens would hardly understand the sheer joy of playing this game called "Name, place, animal, thing" during a free period in school on the last p