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Childhood romance is a beautiful subject to write on. It is a subject which will be loved by everyone, mostly because majority of us can relate to it. Most of us have such lingering memories which bring a smile to our face even today. Remember “Jaane tu ya jaane na?” Well, Ruchita Misra’s novel “Someone to love” starts off just like that – a boy and a girl who are friends since the time they were at the peak of innocence, eventually falling for each other – something which would be obvious to everyone around them except the two of them. However, while the movie was only candyfloss and rosiness with scanty tears, this novel goes way beyond that. Simplicity gives way to a lot of “It’s complicated” stuff. There is romance, there is jealousy and finally there is the worst enemy of a relationship – MISUNDERSTANDING. Below is a brief review of the novel. PLOT Koyal and Atharv are the textbook couple – even in school. It is a match made in heaven and the intensity ex


This was a novel which attracted me from its title. “MY FATHER IS A HERO” seemed a promising title and a quick glance at the synopsis said that it would deliver too. And so I started reading it. Unlike many books which I usually finish in a single sitting, this book took time. I used to read portions of it, allowing whatever I had read to seep in. Here is a review of the novel. PLOT Vaibhav Kulkarni has a decent job as systems admin at a company where he manages to earn just okay. With a troubled past & a divorce, he lives along with his ten year old daughter Nisha who is the centre of his world. Nisha is that little child who excels in everything – be it academics, personality or extra-curricular activities including singing. She is the favorite of her teachers as well as her dad. But all of a sudden, something happens which has a huge impact on Nisha. She suddenly starts drifting apart, remaining aloof, gradually showing a drop in her school grades, behavi