Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Novels involving courtroom sequences need to be taut and gripping to create an impact. That is precisely why very few authors have succeeded in writing tense thrillers involving the court. That is precisely why John Grisham is so popular and that is also precisely why Vish Dhamija’s author note calls him the John Grisham of India.
After reading his latest novel “Unlawful Justice”, I can only say that calling him that isn’t a mistake.


Vansh Diwan is a successful top notch lawyer who has a lovely family in the form of his lawyer wife who gave up her career for him, and their daughter. Things take a drastic turn when Baby, the teenage minor daughter of Diwans’ household maid gets brutally raped and assaulted. As the mother of Baby and the ladies of the Diwan family vow revenge and justice respectively, Vansh finds himself sandwiched between a powerful client and justice for Baby.
However, just when things were beginning to settle down, this case gets converted into a murder case. Will Baby get justice?


I loved the plot of the book. It is gripping and makes this book a page turner. The way Dhamija writes is the best thing about the book. I loved the way he started his novel with the rapist’s remorse and whatever was going on in his mind. It is an aspect seldom portrayed in detail. Whatever be the outcome, the rapist should feel guilty – only then will things change.

Also, the writing is flawless, in fluent English and keeps you guessing what is in store for us next.


Everything about this book was great. From the basic plot to the writing to the characterizations, everything added up to create a lovely thriller.

The characters were well done. I loved the camaraderie between Vansh and Akash, and between Priti and Akash. Also, I loved the fact that only the important characters are given importance. For example, the Diwans’ daughter always plays an important role and is yet never given too much weightage.

Also, the courtroom sequences are brilliant. They are so much better that all the shit we are served in bollywood films when it comes to courtroom drama.
I also loved the ASP’s character. It is particularly well done.

Lastly, though it was a negative character, Maheep’s characterization is perfect.


I couldn’t find any flaws as such. However I felt a slight tinge of disappointment during the ending. There are always 2 ways to reveal suspense in the plot – either do it dramatically or do it tactfully and smoothly. Dhamija choses the latter. Not that I disliked his way, but I wish he had added a little bit of theatrics to make a slightly more impact. In the end, it is the age old formula of “As you sow, so shall you reap” that wins. And you don’t mind!

OVERALL, “Unlawful Justice” is one of those books which is un-put-downable. I finished it in 1 night. I just couldn’t wait for the next day. Also, I came to know that this is Vish Dhamija’s 6th novel. Being an avid reader, I can only curse myself for not having read any of his previous 5 books till now.

Go for it if you love suspense thrillers. And definitely go for it if you are a Grisham fan!

P.S - I received this book from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


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