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Childhood romance is a beautiful subject to write on. It is a subject which will be loved by everyone, mostly because majority of us can relate to it. Most of us have such lingering memories which bring a smile to our face even today.

Remember “Jaane tu ya jaane na?”
Well, Ruchita Misra’s novel “Someone to love” starts off just like that – a boy and a girl who are friends since the time they were at the peak of innocence, eventually falling for each other – something which would be obvious to everyone around them except the two of them.
However, while the movie was only candyfloss and rosiness with scanty tears, this novel goes way beyond that. Simplicity gives way to a lot of “It’s complicated” stuff. There is romance, there is jealousy and finally there is the worst enemy of a relationship – MISUNDERSTANDING.
Below is a brief review of the novel.


Koyal and Atharv are the textbook couple – even in school. It is a match made in heaven and the intensity exuded by them is so obviously visible to everyone around them. However, do they themselves know their feelings?

School gives way to college and they ultimately separate, but only a bit. However, misunderstandings and circumstances force them apart, in such a way that their lives completely change.
Ten years later, their paths cross again. With each of them battling their own inner demons, will they find “Someone to love?”


Ruchita Misra’s command over language, plot development and characterization is perfect. It is one thing to have something in mind but it is a commendable feat to make the readers visualize the exact same plot with minute details. In Koyal and Atharv, we feel as if we know them, as if they are right in front of us.

Secondly, there are a lot of quotes, one liners and punches which seem very apt and give the necessary impact.

Thirdly, the most important part in a romance novel is that it should never feel superficial. The romantic plot should be such that it connects with the readers on an emotional level. Ruchita Misra’s intensity in the plot is mindblowing. This is deep stuff. It touches you somewhere inside. When they care for each other, we smile. When they are apart, we feel the chills. That is proof enough that the author has a winner on her hands.

Lastly, the rest of the characters are very nicely sketched. Be it both the mothers or the women in London or the partners of the respective protagonists, they are very relatable. Some are instantly lovable while few are instantly dislikeable.


Not really.
There are some too filmy coincidences at times but then, you don’t mind them.
The editing could have been crispier especially towards the end. When one knows what is going to happen in the end, you need to hold the attention till the last page. Here, I felt the book could have been few pages shorter.

OVERALL, “SOMEONE TO LOVE” is one of the best romantic novels I have read in a long time. The writing is fresh and mature, the characters are relatable and lovable, and most importantly, the book connects to you on an emotional level.

P.S – this is a lovely script waiting to be made into a movie. it has all the elements for a blockbuster. I hope someone does that.

I received this book from Writersmelon in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.

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