Tuesday, January 10, 2017


This was a novel which attracted me from its title. “MY FATHER IS A HERO” seemed a promising title and a quick glance at the synopsis said that it would deliver too. And so I started reading it. Unlike many books which I usually finish in a single sitting, this book took time. I used to read portions of it, allowing whatever I had read to seep in.
Here is a review of the novel.


Vaibhav Kulkarni has a decent job as systems admin at a company where he manages to earn just okay. With a troubled past & a divorce, he lives along with his ten year old daughter Nisha who is the centre of his world.

Nisha is that little child who excels in everything – be it academics, personality or extra-curricular activities including singing. She is the favorite of her teachers as well as her dad.
But all of a sudden, something happens which has a huge impact on Nisha. She suddenly starts drifting apart, remaining aloof, gradually showing a drop in her school grades, behaviour as well as talent.

While Vaibhav battles with his own demons of the past and his never improving financial crisis, this is an acid test for him as he struggles to understand his daughter. To what limits will he go with all his limited means to win her daughter back?


Nishant Kaushik’s writing is brilliant. There is a sort of mature feel to the book, as if it has been penned by a veteran author. The way he weaves the plot, creating simple situations is indeed lovely.
There is a tone of helplessness throughout the book. The writing actually transports you to the middle class world of Vaibhav and Nisha. It is one thing to write about a middle class family, but it is a commendable job to make the reader experience that feeling.

And so we feel for Vaibhav. Our heart goes out for him as he longingly stares at a swimming pool in a swanky posh club. Our heart goes out for him as he desperately tries to gather credit points on his newly bought credit card. Our heart goes out for him as he tries to understand what his daughter is going through.

We live Vaibhav’s character. We feel happy whenever he feels happy. We feel helpless whenever he feels helpless. And that is such a great feeling. It is all due to Nishant Kaushik’s utmost sincere writing.


As I mentioned earlier, the biggest plus point of the novel is the sincerity which is seen throughout the plot.
Secondly, the characters are very well written. Both the main characters are brilliantly developed and instantly strike a chord with the reader.
Thirdly, the simplicity of the plot wins your hearts. The entire plot set in Australia featuring Rihanna is very well done. It is fairy tale like, but very effective. I especially loved the climax.
Lastly, there are no over the top emotions. Nor are there moments where you’ll sob uncontrollably. Instead, there are subtle moments which move you, make you remember your children / parents.


Nothing works against the author and his well written novel. I just found the pace slow at times. Otherwise I have no complaints.

OVERALL, “MY FATHER IS A HERO” works, and how. It is a novel which every parent and every son / daughter should read. It is not a “In-your-face” kind of novel whose only purpose is to preach. It is a subtle story which moves you as well as makes you realize the importance of your near and dear ones.

I enjoyed reading this wonderful novel and recommend it to everyone. Do read it. We need more of such honest and sincere books.

P.S - I received this book from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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