Saturday, September 10, 2016


It has been almost one and a half years now. I still remember the date. It was Valentine’s Day. After trying to contact them for several months, they had finally agreed. As I make way towards my destination, I get goosebumps. And then I finally reach their studio.

The first thing I do when I reach their studio is ask them, “Can I put my phone in charging please?”
They smile and say yes.

It is not every day that you get to meet one of your favorite composers, singers, lyricists. But that day was very special.

Jigar Saraiya and Priya Saraiya make such a cute couple. We talk about their upbringing, how they came into the music industry. They ask me how come a doctor like me is so much into music and movies.

Then they show me their recording room, and I was like “WOW”. I still remember that big Apple monitor. So this is where all the beautiful music comes from.

18 months later, as I listen to “Wrong Side Raju”, I again remember that room and wonder, “So this is where all these awesome songs were recorded, isn’t it?”

“SATRANGI RE” is that love song which the Gujarati film industry has been always waiting for. And who else but Arijit Singh could have done justice to such a song?

With dreamy vocals by Dawn Cordo to begin, we are treated to some beautiful guitar (Saloni Mehta), soon giving way to Arijit Singh’s flawless voice. His diction is quite good, but ultimately it is the “Oh – so - GORGEOUS” tune and the brilliant lyrics which make this song an outstanding one.

Niren Bhatt’s lyrics are simple and beautiful, describing the feelings of a person who is madly in love. Sachin – Jigar’s lovely tune does the rest of the magic. It is a restrained melody, mind you. Never does it try to be too over ambitious, nor too heavy on the instruments. The calmness is the USP. As for Arijit singh, he makes a perfect Gujarati debut. We definitely want more of you.

 “ZINDABAD RE” is Vishal Dadlani’s show all the way. He totally nails it. His diction is perfect. The tune is super catchy, the arrangements are mind blowing, and the lyrics are very creative, relevant and apt. there is not a single dull moment in the song. I loved it.

“AMDAVAD RE” is another version of the same song. The tune remains the same, the singer maintains the same awesomeness but the lyrics change. This is a song glorifying Ahmedabad. Niren Bhatt aces this one. His lyrics are brilliant.

Both the versions are full of attitude and Vishal does a fab job. No one but Vishal could have sung this one. Please sing more of Gujarati songs, Dadlani saab!

“KATPUTHLA” means “puppets”. It is a song which talks about how a poor man becomes a puppet in the hands of the rich and powerful. Keerthi Sagathia is simply superb. He never fails to amaze me. His voice provides the needed angst and pain in the song. Aiding him ably is Jasleen Royal whose unique voice creates a haunting effect which sounds beautiful. The song fits in perfectly with the theme of the film.

Sachin Jigar’s arrangements and tune are beautiful. Their very dependable Dilshad Khan gives goosebumps with his sarangi interlude.

“GORI RADHA NE KADO KAAN” is the best song of the album. Isn’t it obvious? You compose a lovely garba tune, pack it with heavy brilliant instrumentation and you back it off with a visual garba song – it is bound to be a hit.

Divya kumar is a surprise. This guy manages to amaze me every single time now and then. His diction is good, his singing is brilliant.

However, when you have another version of the same song sung by Kirtidan Gadhvi, you can’t help but love that one more. Kirtidan is simply outstanding.

But the real geniuses are the two composers who compose this magnificent tune. Right from the first second, till the ending “Duhaa”, Sachin and Jigar rock this one. This year’s navratri will feature this song everywhere in Gujarat and outside. Full marks to them for some superlative instrumentation. It is a foot tapping song in true sense. You feel like doing garba on it.

OVERALL, “Wrong Side Raju” is Sachin Jigar’s best Gujarati work till date. They are in top form. Their music, be it quality, arrangements or choice of singers is pitch perfect and very much upto bollywood standards.

I have always felt that composers need to contribute to their regional film industry. Look at Ajay – Atul, or Anupam Roy. Look at A.R Rahman – the biggest example. Because ultimately it is your regional work which will be appreciated the most. I am so proud of Sachin and jigar that they give their 100% to their own regional industry. You are already going places in bollywood, but now you will go places even in the Gujarati film industry. Thank you for the lovely album!   

MY RATINGS - 9 / 10

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