Saturday, July 30, 2016


Romance is one genre that has been explored endlessly by almost all authors; and when a little bit of supernatural element is mixed with romance, the results are nothing but endearing.
Author Vikrant Khanna’s latest offering “Secretly yours” is one such endearing novel.


Set in the backdrop of the picturesque city of Shimla, “Secretly yours” talks about the life of Sahil, an orphan who lives with his brother, grandma and his uncle’s family. Things change when Anya arrives in his life. On the other hand, there is a serial killer on the loose who is wreaking havoc in the usually quiet hill station. Who is behind the killings? What is the mystery behind Anya and her friends?

Vikrant Khanna weaves a thoroughly engaging plot with the right ingredients for a romantic as well a suspense thriller novel. There is a certain freshness in the plot which seems creative and yet highly believable.


The writing is pretty simple and easy on the readers. The language is kept simple and the writing witty and to the point.

Vikrant does his characterizations beautifully. The characters of Sahil and Anya are done very nicely and in depth. Be it the mysterious Mayur and Sameer or that of Aditya or Monica, all the characters are written very well.

Secondly, keeping Shimla as the place where the entire novel is set up, is a lovely idea. There is always a different aura and beauty when a hill station is involved. Somehow I wouldn’t have loved this book so much had it been set up in a bigger city.

Lastly, the chemistry between Sahil and Anya is wonderfully done. Be it their initial interactions or the ones after the secrets are shared, everything is superb. One can feel those sparks of romance when these two hold the centre stage.

Also, the ending is done well. I was expecting something similar since the beginning. I kept guessing as to how the book would end, and I finally was proven right.


The climax is pretty hurried. I would have loved if the book would have been 50 pages longer but had a more elaborate and more believable climax.

Secondly, the entire revenant lore seems convincing, and yet the author fails to evoke that enmity between the revenants and the brothers. There is a lack of tension that should have been present. Ultimately, it all leads to a weak climax.

Apart from these few glitches, I have no complaints with the novel.

OVERALL, Vikrant Khanna’s “Secretly yours” is a breezy romantic supernatural thriller which can be easily finished off in one sitting. With easy English, crackling chemistry between the lead pair and an intriguing plot, this book is definitely a one time read. 


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