Monday, March 14, 2016


Not all works of nonfiction are dull. I admit I myself am not a very hardcore fan of nonfiction, although I do occasionally read some beautiful works.

“LIFE MANTRAS” cannot actually be categorized under the category “Nonfiction”. It would be better to call it a book that teaches you a lot about life.

There are so many things in our daily life which we all know, and yet we always learn something new about it from someone else. This book is full of such lovely examples.

“SAHARASRI” SUBRATA ROY SAHARA talks about love, respect, admiration and all other virtues and characters of a human being with finesse.

He talks about marriage, about a husband  - wife relationship, about hard work, honesty, truthfulness, trustfulness, about a mother – child relationship, and what not.

The best thing however is that he cites hundreds of examples from daily life to prove his point – examples with which all of us can relate.

He tells us that apologizing is NOT a bad thing. It will NOT make you inferior to others. It will NOT hurt if you put aside your big fat ego for sometime. The world would be such a beautiful place if people understood these small things.

He tells us that working hard alone doesn’t serve the purpose. It is the quality that counts, not the quantity or number of working hours.

He gives us a very important lesson of never misusing your status.

He beautifully depicts the Indian woman, and even how “sex” is interpreted all over the world.

There are two wonderful chapters on “EGO” and “SANSKAARS”.

OVERALL, this is a book that is to be cherished. It is difficult to actually write a proper review because there is so much to write about. But it is a book that will be your guide during your bad times.

It is a book that preaches no doubt, but all the correct things.

It is a book which will improve the quality of your thoughts.

I read a lot of negative reviews of this book online stating that a person who has been jailed and been corrupt has no business writing such philosophical things.

Hello, who are we to judge any person? It is immaterial who the writer is, as long as he writes the truth. After all, he didn’t create “Sahara” in just one day.

Go for this book. It will change your perspective of life. 

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