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If you think about it, for a doctor and surgeon like me, banking related novels are part of a way different genre. But there has always been something about Ravi Subramanian which has made me love all his novels.
I started my association with Blogadda by reviewing Ravi’s novel. So this time when they offered a copy of “God is a Gamer” for review, I HAD to get it. And despite the heavy schedule, I easily finished the novel in 3 days.
Like all his previous novels, this one too revolves around the NYIB New York International Bank. To describe the whole plot would be almost impossible. To tell you in short, there are multiple subplots, all well connected with each other. As always, this novel revolves in and around the New York international Bank (NYIB) and brings out the glaring reality of the banking world. There is the well known character Aditya who has been an old character in Ravi’s novels. There are also Sundeep, swami and Kalpana. This time we are introduced to Aditya’s son Varun. There is also involvement of the finance minister and an American senate member.
The central theme of the book is based on bitcoins, which is electronic currency, to describe it in very very short. But I guess the idea of writing the first bitcoin thriller was a brilliant one. This is a field which is unknown to a large area of people, especially Indians.

I have always been a huge fan of Ravi’s books. I call him the Madhur Bhandarkar of the banking world. There is no scope for any stagnancy in his books. Everything always progresses at neck break speed. The way he organizes his multiple subplots is a master’s job. It is one thing to create so many subplots, introduce so many characters and it is another to keep the readers engaged in the entire collage of subplots. We never lose track of any of the characters; nor do we get confused or bored. The strings are all well connected, all eventually leading to a climax.
As always, the language is kept simple and effective. The suspense (or the double suspense) is wonderfully done. Full marks for the content. Getting to know in detail about bitcoins was indeed fascinating. It elevated the plot few steps higher.

The characters are all lovely. Those who have read Ravi’s previous books will come across quite a few familiar names. And yet, those who haven’t read his previous books won’t feel as if they are missing something. This is something I loved about the book. In a way, the novel is a sequel of sorts as far few characters are concerned, and still if a reader chooses this book as his first Ravi Subramanian novel, he won’t have any problems getting a grip of the characters.
Secondly, there is no bias as far as the characters are concerned – old ones or newly introduced ones. As in all Ravi Subramanian books, the protagonist is not necessarily an honest person. They all have their flaws and weaknesses, be it professional or personal life. And that is how their character is developed. Ultimately, it is upto the reader as to what impression he / she wishes to have regarding a particular character.

There are many plusses. The content, the writing, the crisp editing, the authenticity of th e various things mentioned in the book, and the twist in the epilogue. Everything is wonderfully done.

To be honest, none.

OVERALL, “God is a Gamer” is a fantastic book, a must read for people who love thrillers, who have even the slightest interest in banking and ofcourse for Ravi Subramanian fans. I consider it my personal victory to confess that I correctly guessed the suspense around hundred pages before the end. Though initially disappointed, I turned out to be right in the end. Somehow, THAT increased my liking for the novel manifold.


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