Saturday, August 30, 2014


The gujarati film industry has never been something about which we could talk proudly to the rest of Indian regional cinema. For an outsider and even for a gujarati, a gujarati movie inevitably meant a film with the actors in traditional costumes, with garbas and heavy dialogues.
But things changed few years back when Abhishek Jain gifted us with “KEVI RITE JAISH”, a movie which revolutionarized the Gujarati film industry. It was the first gujarati movie which was “Normal” meaning that something with which we could identify. It featured normal gujarati urban people speaking normal gujarati, with no over the top melodrama. In short, it was a film which the entire gujarati clan loved.

So it was no wonder that I had a lot of hopes from Jain’s next movie “BE YAAR”. And with the movie having released in only a single show in the entire big city of Rajkot (Which is a shame on part of the Rajkot cinema owners), I made it a point to go to the first show on the first day.
“BE YAAR” features the story of Chakaa (Chintan) and Tiniyo (Tapan) and their friendship. They are two fast friends who wish to earn money via the easy and short route, sans too much hardwork. But things have never been easy that way, and soon they are in a soup. How they get out of it, learning from the bitter experiences is all what “BE YAAR” is about.

Compared to Jain’s first movie, “BE YAAR” is a movie made on a large scale. The movie from no angle seems amateur or regional. It is just like any full blown bollywood movie would be. With lavish sets, lovely locations, it is a treat indeed.
Secondly, the editing is superb. The film stays tight and gripping throughout its run of 155 minutes. Before the interval, it covers a substantial amount of plot with not a single loose moment in between. I actually wondered what would be in store post interval. For a moment, I feared this movie too would be added to the group of movies where things went downill post the interval. But “BE YAAR” continues to be gripping and interesting till the very end. THAT is one of the film’s biggest highlights. To keep the audience interested for two and a half hours is no easy job, and Jain does it easily and with finesse.

Speaking of Jain, the direction of the movie is brilliant and mature. Jain develops his characters well, gives each one ample opportunity to emote, express and create a place in the audiences’ minds. Kudos to him for making such a lovely film!


The acting by all the actors is superb. As Chaka, Divyang Thakkar is once again in fine form after Kevi rite jaish. He is particularly good in the emotional scenes. I still feel though that a shaven look would suit his character better. (Lol)
His yaar Tiniyo is played by Pratik Gandhi and he is perfect. With some flawless acting and a cute face, he is too good.
However, the veteran actors steal the show. As the bad guy, Manoj Joshi is simply brilliant. This is a role he sleepwalks through. But he does even that with elegance. It is a pleasure to watch this versatile actor act.
But the star of the film is Darshan Jariwala. As Chaka’s father, he is simply outstanding. Be his comic timing in the alcohol scene or his emotional outburst just prior to the interval, he is mindblowing. This film wouldn’t have been the same without him.
Amit Mistry as Prabodh Gupta / Pranav is another flawless show. He is smooth, hilarious and perfectly cast.
Kavin Dave as the 3rd yaar is awesome. As the narrator, he is perfectly cast and a crucial character in the movie.


Sachin – Jigar’s debut Gujarati outing is just superb. With just four songs, they still play a huge huge role in making the movie so good. All 4 songs are perfectly placed, appearing apt and never out of place. There is no unnecessary song, and the 2 versions of the title song stay with you long after the movie has ended. The background score of the film is another major plus point. It is very well done.

To sum up, “BE YAAR” is a fantastic movie. It once again proves to the entire film industry that Gujarati films are not to be taken lightly. It is well made, has a solid story, has some great acting and music, and is thoroughly entertaining. It shows friendship the way it happens in Gujarat. It shows family life the way it happens in Gujarat. In short, it is something everyone can relate to. It had me longing to go on a bike ride with my best friend and click a SELFIE.
It is a kind of movie which made me happy and proud – proud of being a Gujarati!

This one I’ll watch again. And maybe again.



  1. Great review !! I as the writer and lyricist of the film feel highly gratified to read this. Thanks a ton. I see here that you have also done music review. Request you to do one for Bey yaar. We have country's leading music directors creating an original score with immense passion and love for language....and there is not a single music review in any newspaper, just because its in Gujarati.