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Nikhil Advani is one of those rare directors whose films have always boasted of brilliant music – Kal ho na ho, Salaam-e-ishq, and the recent Patiala House. Even Chandni Chowk to China had the gorgeous “Tere naina”. In short, his movies have always had quality chartbuster stuff. And the people responsible for this have always been the same – Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy.
D-Day looks very promising from its promos. However, one doesn’t know what really to expect from the music, as there seems less scope for music here. Yet, let us take a look at the album of D-Day.

DUMA DUM gets one more version, this time in the voice of Mika Singh. What is with this song that it is getting so many remakes? No doubt it is a great song, but there is always a tolerance limit. And that has been reached. Earlier this year, even David had a version in the voice of Rekha Bhardwaj.
Coming to the song, it is good. Mika does a good job with the vocals. But that’s it. I would prefer the original version of the song to this one any day.

What follows henceforth is sheer genius.
ALVIDA is a song which needs to be experienced on the headphones. A song with dallops of “thehraav”, this one has a gorgeous tune coupled with a soothing trance like background arrangement. Nikhil D’souza’s voice sounds too good. Shruti Hassan is simply superb. Her rendition is flawless and mesmerizing. She should sing more in bollywood. But as always, the one who takes the cake away is Sukhwinder Singh. The moment he sings “Bairiyaa”, goosebumps are guaranteed. His portions though less, are the best.
Overall, Alvida is a song which needs few listening. It is a song which will grow on you and make you totally fall in love with it as you hear it more and more.

How many times have you experienced reaching heaven while listening to a song? It is something which is a regular feature while listening to A.R Rahman’s song, especially his sufi and devotional ones. Now it is the turn of SEL. “MURSHID KHELE HOLI” is a seven minute trip to heaven and back. The trio creates one of their best compositions EVER. And then they rope in singers of such caliber that you are bound to get floored. There is Munawar Masoom, Javed Ali and Shankar Mahadevan. Together, these three create such a spell binding 7 minute qawaali that you just wish it would never end. Javed Ali is simply fantastic. Over the years, he has shown that he aces such songs. Brownie points to the trio for creating such a superb background arrangement. The variations in the tempo and rhythm at various places are lovely. The tabla and harmonium are out of this world. I could write on and on about this song. Instead, just listen to this one. Thank me later.

   “EK GHADI” can be called a typical Rekha Bhardwaj song. It is a song tailor made for her. SEL compose a ghazal here and Rekha does full justice to this one. Her voice is just awesome. Coupled with the lovely lyrics and the tabla, this one is an enthralling experience on the headphones. It is Rupak taal playing on the table – something which always is pure bliss!
I can’t help but imagine what would have the outcome had Jagjit Singh sung this one – the mere thought gives me shivers.   
Overall, this song will be loved by people who love ghazals and quality music.

“DHUAAN” begins with Indian Ocean singer Rahul Ram singing in his typical style. With a haunting violin loop playing in the background, Ram’s voice sounds just perfect. But the song goes to another level with the entry of Siddharth Mahadevan. The moment he sings “Sitaarein bhi..”, you are just transported to another world. Siddharth is brilliant. It is high time other composers take notice of this junior Mahadevan.
Overall, Dhuaan looks to be a theme song, and it is a perfect one!

OVERALL, “D-DAY” delivers massively as I had expected. Barring one song, the remaining four original compositions of SEL are simply mind blowing. This is not an album which will be loved by all. It has some heavy music with loads of Indian classical touch to it, as well as equal amount of westernness – a theme song and a sad romantic song.
It remains to be seen how Nikhil Advani incorporates the songs in the movie. But as a lone audio album, D-Day is a solid one. Shankar – Ehsaan – Loy deliver one more brilliant album after Bhaag Milkha Bhaag. Keep it up!

MY RATINGS – 9 / 10

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