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Inspite of the bubbly trailer, one isn’t quite sure what exactly to expect from the soundtrack of Gippi. But hopes are sufficiently high because the music has been done by Vishal – Shekhar, who have an impressive record with Karan Johar (Dostana, I hate Luv Storys).

“WE ARE LIKE THIS ONLY” is a literal translation of the common hindi line “Hum toh aise hai bhaiyya”. With lyrics by Vishal Dadlani, this song has “Vishal Shekhar” written all over it. The song begins with a rather intriguing instrumental loop. What follows next is some rap by Hard Kaur mingled with Vishal’s singing. As I said, standard typical song from Vishal Shekhar. Nothing great, but catchy, peppy and foot tapping.

“PEHN DI TAKKI” is even more typical. A tune which gives the feeling of “I have heard something like this before”, Vishal sings this one nicely. What lifts the song above the ordinary is the smart and innovative instrumentation. The duo ensure that they make this a fun filled song which will succeed even more once the video comes out. A song that should do well with the masses.

It is the remaining three songs which make Gippi a really good album.

“BABY DOLL” - It is such an immense pleasure to hear Udit Narayan. I had criticized Vishal Shekhar in my music review of “Student of the year” for roping in Udit ji and making him sing for just half a minute in “Radha”. But looks like the composers have made up for that. Baby doll is one hell of a song!
The two senior singers Sukhwinder Singh and Udit Narayan singing this one give all the younger singers a run for their money as they produce a massively catchy song. Full marks to composers Vishal and Shekhar for the lovely tune and the even lovelier arrangements. And yes, what awesome lyrics! Anvita ji, take a bow!

“DIL KAAGZI” is absolutely mesmerizing stuff. With a superlative tune set to a waltz beat and sung brilliantly by Neeti Mohan, this song is easily the best waltz numbers in a long, really long time. Neeti Mohan is simply fabulous. She is becoming better and better with each coming song. DO listen to this song. Highly recommended!

“MANN BAAVRA”­ – I read the title of the song and saw that Shekhar Ravjiani is the singer, and immediately I knew this was going to be BIG. Shekhar did try his hand at peppy songs (VELLE) and succeeded too, but no one sings slow romantic songs the way he does.
Mann Baavra begins almost sans any instrumentation. We have only Shekhar’s lovely vocals to enchant us. Gradually, a light beat is introduced. Then come the guitars. And as if that was not enough come the dholaks. The outcome is a fantastic song. A top notch tune, some flawless singing by Shekhar and the wonderful use of instruments make this a remarkable song. Highly recommended, this one too!

OVERALL, “GIPPI” exceeded my expectations by a big margin. Vishal and Shekhar show ample versatility as they fit in multiple genres in five songs. The lyrics too play a big role in each of the songs.
Just as the trailers proclaimed, even the soundtrack of Gippi is “The Feel good soundtrack of the year”. Vishal Shekhar come up with a winner!

MY RATINGS – 8.5 / 10   

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