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Horror is not a genre Vishal Bhardwaj is exploring for the first time. He gave us the lovely childrens’ horror film “Makdee” few years back. This time however he only produces this one rather than directing it too. From the two trailers released till now, it is clear that this one is damn scary. Let us see what kind of music this movie offers – after all, it is again the magical Vishal – Gulzar duo at work. And we even have Suresh Wadkar this time.

“YAARAM” belongs to those beautiful romantic tracks Vishal Bhardwaj composes. With Sunidhi Chauhan at her melodious best and a soulful rendition by Clinton Cerejo, this one has a superb tune backed by some excellent arrangements. The real star of the song is the lyrics. Now the lyrics are definitely oscar material. Infact few people might love the use of such words which we use in daily life, while few might cringe at the lyrics. BUT only a genius like Gulzar can come up with such innovate stuff, and most importantly get away with it. Overall, Yaaram is a gem of a song, a perfect one for a romantic evening.

“TOTEY UDD GAYE” : So finally after dropping him in Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola, VB brings Suresh Wadkar back. A song which is strongly reminiscent of “Sapne mein milti hai” (Satya), Suresh ji is as usual brilliant. Once again, Gulzar excels as far as the lyrics are concerned. For the second time after “Ibn-e-ebatuta”, we are treated to the word “Furrr”, however the bird has been changed from chidiya to totey.
Rekha Bhardwaj joins in the antara, however her part seems a bit forced. Sukhwinder Singh too makes an entry towards the end. Overall, I didn’t love the song too much. No doubt it is catchy, and with time it might grow on me, but for now, it is the weakest song of the album. One gets the feeling that the singers and composer were perhaps trying a little too hard.

“KAALI KAALI” again brings Clinton Cerejo, and boy he sure is enjoying it. Kaali Kaali is a song which might need two – three hearings (No more!) but then you will be completely sucked in the song. Gulzar describes the eyes like no one else ever can. Add to that an excellent tune by Vishal Bhardwaj and the result is simply gorgeous. The violin interlude is outstanding. Clinton Cerejo is perfect. He sounds like Salim Merchant at places; sounds flawless in both the low and high notes. Overall, Kaali kaali is slow poison. It is a song which will be heard the most number of times from among all the songs of this movie. It is a song which HAS to be heard at night in the dark with your headphones plugged in. Mandatory.

“LAUTUNGI MAINfinally sees Rekha Bhardwaj doing what she is best at. A title song of sorts, this is spookiness at its very best. Describing a Daayan who is vowing to return, Rekha Bhardwaj sings with just the right mix of seductiveness and spookiness. And ofcourse, the tune does full justice. With portions of melody intermingled with those of horror, the song is apt for the movie.

“SAPNA RE SAPNA” is the second lullaby this year. Coincidentally both belong to horror films, the first from the movie “Aatma”. Vishal Bhardwaj ropes in SaReGaMaPa little champs winner Padmanabh Gaikwad, and he sings it with aplomb. The soft simple tune couple with Padmanabh’s superb singing (extremely well sung low notes) make it a gem of a song. Do listen to this one for its sheer beauty and simplicity.

OVERALL, the soundtrack of “Ek Thi Daayan” lives up to its expectations. Unlike the horror movies from the Bhatt camp where we are treated to an overdose of love songs, this one stays true to its theme, delivering a soundtrack which fuses melody with just the right dallops of horror. Full marks to Gulzar saab and Vishal Bhardwaj for coming up with a short yet impressive soundtrack.

A special mention to the two people who have been working with VB since many years as music producers – Clinton Cerejo and Hitesh Sonik. It so happens that they are never given the credit for their immense contribution to every Vishal Bhardwaj soundtrack. They play a big role in what we finally listen. Keep up the work guys!

An almost perfect soundtrack!


MY RATINGS – 8.25 / 10    

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  1. nyc movie .... different than the other horror one.. Huma and Konkana Sen -Awesome (huma's face, beautiful) ... worth watching ...