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Remember those lectures of social studies back in the 8th standard where we studied civics and economics? Well, Pavan K Varma’s latest book is a nostalgic reminder of those dull lectures. How I only wish this book would have replaced my textbook at that time!

PLOT : We all are fully  aware of whatever is going on in our country at present. Widespread (And I emphasize on the word WIDESPREAD) corruption has infiltrated every corner of our country. And hence we witness a rather frustration demonstration on television and in newspapers about how criminals instead of being in prison are roaming around free – some whose trials are going on since ages in the court, while some who have given the law a slip and are free, while some are sitting in the parliament RULING OUR COUNTRY! Frustrating, isn’t it? And while we may raise our voice in protest and voice our opinion on how our country has been downgraded, simply commenting will not help. We need to do something, and that too not haphazardly, but with a lot of planning. THAT is what Pavan Varma’s latest book is all about.

We are all aware of the great Chanakya who was famous for his tactful approach to any problem and solving it methodically. What if the great Chanakya were alive today? How would he have handled the current scenario? What would he have done? Given the step by step approach he used, how would he have brought an end to the corrupt rule in India? That is exactly what “Chanakya’s new manifesto” talks about.

WRITING: Let us be frank. This book is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is hardcore non fiction, one that can bore you to death if you hate such topics. It is not like the pacy thriller fiction books we read in one sitting. I was given a week to review this book, and I took two weeks because such a book needs to be read, understood and formulated.

Pavan Varma’s writing is superb. His singular idea of assuming how Chanakya would have solved this problem is an act of genius. Concentrating on five main problems, he approaches each one systematically and methodically. His writing is logical and simple. The way he goes about solving a problem is very much achievable. In short this book doesn’t give solutions which cant be implemented. Instead it gives solutions we can very well try. That is the biggest positive of the book.

On the negative, the book IS dull and dreary, whatever be its intention. Obviously, it is not possible to make a book entertaining when it writes about how to solve the country’s problems.

OVERALL, Chanakya’s New Manifesto is a book with very noble intentions. It is a book which should be compulsorily included in the syllabus in schools and colleges. Every corrupt politician should be made to know how the people of India can bring their downfall.
A must read for all those who genuinely feel to do something for their nation. Please avoid if such topics bore you. You’ll only end up insulting the author’s noble intentions. Instead don’t read it.

Let us try. That is the first step to success!

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