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“Run of the mill” has never been Rohan Sippy’s genre. Baring Kuch na kaho, all his other films have been bizarre and different. The same thing goes for his soundtracks. While “Kuch na kaho” had the most normal OST of all his films, “Dum maaro dum” had a lovely mix of romantic songs and club numbers. But it was “Bluffmaster” which had the most bizarre OST of all. With a few original songs by Vishal Shekhar, Rohan collaborated with a number of artists, put in some remixes, few instrumental themes and created an album which was very different from the usual stuff.
“Nautanki Saala” treads on the same lines as “Bluffmaster”. It has various composers pitching in with a song or two. Let us see how good the album is.

“MERA MANN” is a soft simple romantic track written, composed and sung by Pakistani singer Falak Shabir. A song which I guess has already released long time back, Falak sings this one in his usual style. The serene mouth organ which plays in the background is a treat to the ears. Coupled with Falak’s singing and a nice foot tapping rhythm, this one is easy on the ears and makes you fall in love with instantly.
We also have a reprise version by Falak which is equally beautiful. And then there is a female version by Tulsi Kumar (shudders) on which I wont be wasting a single word. Just ignore the track and delete it ASAP.

“TU HI TU” is Ayushmann Khurana’s second song after his sensational debut in Vicky Donor. This one is composed by Mikey Mccleary and it is simply superb. The retro tune, the feel of the old times coupled with a stage song feel is simply fabulous. The lyrics by Kausar Munir are brilliant. And lastly, Ayushmann. He once again shows he IS a good singer and not a one time wonder. He starts off a bit shakily but then mesmerizes you totally. Kudos to the composer for making something truly different and melodious.

“SAPNA MERA TOOTA” is composed by Rashid Khan. Sung by Rahat Fateh ali Khan, it starts off beautifully as Rahat enchants us with a lovely aalaap. He is even lovelier in the antara. With a nice soothing beat, this would have turned out to another fine Rahat gem. But the introduction of Aftab Hashim Sabri’s qawaali makes the song even better. Suzzanne Dmello too pitches in to give a short yet effective appearance. It would be interesting to see how such a song would fit in a movie like “Nautanki Saala”.

“SO GAYA YE JAHAAN” begins in the same way as “Ae dil laaya hai bahaar” from “Kya kehna” did – the same guitar strumming. But then the remixed version of the original song kicks in. Totally refurnishing Nitin Mukesh’s original number, I liked this one. The techno beats worked totally. This one will find a place easily in Rohan Sippy’s narrative.

“DHAK DHAK” is even better. Now I never was a big fan of the original song from “Beta”. It was too over the top. Here we get a more sinister version of the song as Saba Azad sings it with such attitude that we can’t help but tap our feet to it. Add to that the good instrumentation and we have a very nice remix. As I said earlier, this was something I totally expected in the soundtrack of a Rohan Sippy movie.

“SAADI GALLI AAJA” is another gem from Ayushamann Khurana. With him this time we have Neeti Mohan making the song even better. A song composed by Ayushmann and Rochak Kohli, this one with Punjabi lyrics is made on the lines of “Pani da rang”. But once again, Ayushmann’s singing is superb. Be it the simple mukhdaa or the melodious antara, he is top notch. Neeti Mohan is even better. I am falling in love with her singing like never before. Give this song a listen. You are bound to love it like hell!
There is also an unplugged version and it has a total different arrangement plus different lyrics. Neeti Mohan sings this one in a sultry avatar and she totally rocks.
And what lovely instrumentation! I am confused which version I am loving more.

“DIL KI TOH LAG GAYI” is another awesome song. With a haunting retro feel to it, this one has hilarious lyrics by Kausar Munir. But the real star of the song is its lead singer Saba Azad (again) who is just too good. With a voice reminiscent of Suman Sridhar, she totally owns the song. She is melodious and sounds naughty at the same time – a combo to die for. Full marks to composer Mikey Mccleary for making such a song!

“DRAAMEBAAZ” is the song which we hear in the trailer of the movie. Sung by the winner of X-factor Geet Sagar, this one is a peppy number with a foot tapping tune and beats. A song which I feel would be shown with either the beginning or end titles, this one is a nice song. Nothing extraordinary, but stays with you.

OVERALL, the soundtrack of “Nautanki Saala” is much MUCH better than what I had expected. With about four composers making a collaborative effort, this album is here to stay. There is a brilliant mix of all kinds of songs – be it romantic, sufi, dhamaal songs or remixes. Each song is a treat to hear.

“Nautanki saala” for all its innovativeness, bizzareness and fun is one album I will hear for a long time.

MY RATINGS – 9 / 10

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