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Making India’s first 3d dance film is definitely a first of its kind in our country. It is a gamble which can work very well, but can even tank if not handled properly. The trailers of ABCD impressed me right from the time they came online. And the fact that they had a huge ensemble of India’s finest dancers and choreographers made it all the more exciting.
Remo D’souza’s last film FALTU was not an extraordinary film, but it was a good film. For a first timer, Remo directed it well. And ofcourse, the choreographed sequences were superb. Let us see what Remo offers us this time when he directs a film set in his own arena.

The movie starts with a dance competition named “Dance Dil se” and Remo wastes no time in getting straight to the point. Within minutes, we are introduced to Jahangir (Kay Kay Menon) and Vishnu (Prabhudeva) and we instantly know who the good guy is and who the bad one is. Ethics become the reason for a rift between the two (Who were fast friends till now), and we have our hero Vishnu parting ways in theatrical style, flinging his jacket behind as he leaves.

He starts residing with his chaddi buddy Gopi (Ganesh Acharya) in a basti and it is there that we are introduced to the real heroes of the film. The two groups headed by Rocky (Salman) and D (Dharmesh) consist of dancers and they get a superb introductory chase sequence. It is then that Vishnu sees them and eventually decides to teach them dance. But all is not that simple. The two groups are arch enemies who break into fights at every possible occasion. Coupled with this, there are various problems which crop up at regular intervals. How Vishnu confronts them and comes up with a dance team for the next season of “Dance Dil se” is what follows thereafter.

Remo’s direction is brilliant. He takes up a simple story but layers it with a lot of dance. He is clear about what he knows best, and that is what he does. The dance sequences are simply superb – be it Ria’s portions, or Puneet’s dance introduction. He directs it with utmost sincerity and innocence and it shows.
Secondly he focuses more on his two star dancers – Salman and Dharmesh. Their chemistry and camaraderie is simply brilliant. Considering the fact that they are not seasoned actors, they act well, especially mere sheher Vadodara ke Dharmesh Sir (As people fondly call him).


Performance wise, all the dancers do what they know best – groove, move, twist. Salman’s role is sweet and nicely done. As the typical basti wala guy, Dharmesh Sir gets ample opportunity to showcase his dancing as well as acting skills, and he impresses in both departments. His outburst post the interval in the song “Bezubaan” is simply awesome. He fits like a glove in this role.

Puneet’s role is smaller yet pivotal in the movie. The other dancers do their part well. Ganesh Acharya as Gopi provides the necessary laughs and he is a pleasure to watch.
Kay Kay Menon is his usual fiery self in the movie. This is a role which he can sleepwalk through. A special mention for his EXCEPTIONAL acting in the climax – something which only he can do.
Lauren Gottlieb as Ria is simply fab. she looks smashing and dances amazingly well.

BUT ultimately the man who takes the movie to an entire new dizzying level is Prabhudeva. With his strong Tamil accent, he is too good. He acts with utmost honesty and genuinety. His eyes exude sincerity and it is a pleasure watching him act. But he RULES the entire movie and shows why he is the best with a ten minute solo dance sequence, and you are left with your mouth agape wanting more. His dancing skills are outstanding and even today he shows that he is the same guy who gave us the phenomenal “Muqabla” 15 years ago. Hats off Vishnu sir!

Another high point of the film is its music. Sachin Jigar’s songs blend seamlessly into the narrative. Few songs with dance sequences stand out especially Shambhu Sutaya, the finale and ofcourse “Bezubaan”. The other songs too are entertaining. The background score is just what a dance film requires. In short, the music plays a very important role in making the film better and grander.

Lastly, it is the climax of the film which leaves us stunned and impressed. Hardkaur’s ganpati rap is a foot tapping song and the dancers make full use of it. And full marks to Remo for choosing a full on desi theme for the climax. It works big BIG BIG time!

Many people are comparing ABCD to “Step up”. I however have no idea since I am totally alien to the step up series. All I know is that ABCD will be lapped up by the Indian audience. I cant promise the same for the overseas audience as well as those who are fans of the step up series. But ABCD is wholesome entertainment no doubt. It is one of those films which is not only exceptionally well choreographed but even well directed. The film gets a bit tedious in the first half, but the second half makes up for it, and the climax makes up for everything else.

OVERALL, just as Prabhudeva says in the film, I say the same for Remo – Film aisi banaayi ki sab bol uthe – AWESOME.

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