Friday, January 11, 2013


Special 26 is indeed a special movie for many reasons – firstly it marks the second film of director Neeraj Pandey who gave us the impeccable “A Wednesday”. Secondly after a long LOOOONG time we will see Akshay Kumar in a lead role which is different from the stupid characters he has played in his last few movies. (Well except OMG where he wasn’t in the lead.)
With a superb ensemble of actors like Anupam Kher, Manoj Bajpai and Jimmy Sheirgill, one still has doubts as to what the film’s soundtrack would offer. Even “A Wednesday” had not a single song (It didn’t need one) except a promo video song which very few people would have heard.
With M.M Kreem as the music director, one is definitely curious as to what is in store for us.

“TUJH SANG LAGEE” starts off with M.M Kreem’s melodious voice. I have always loved his voice whenever he has sung in hindi movies. Joining him in this soulful ballad is K.K who sounds quite different and nice. It is indeed a pleasant change from the bhatt songs he sings all the time. A very simple tune, this one is sung beautifully by the two singers. Kreem deserves brownie points for the superb use of instruments in the background (Sarangi, Dhol and the gorgeous harmonium). Overall, this one is really a good track which people will definitely love.

“KAUN MERA” is undoubtedly the best song of the album. It appears in three versions sung by Chitra Ambadipudi, Papon and Sunidhi Chauhan respectively. The two female versions are beautiful, soulful and very melodious. Kreem keeps the instrumentation to a bare minimum and that is what enhances the beauty of the song and simplicity of the tune. Both female singers ace the song in their respective versions.
But it is Papon’s soft rock version which is my personal favorite. He is absolutely brilliant in his rendition. What an experience it is to hear him in this song – outstanding.

“MUJH MEIN TU” again appears in two versions – a rock version by Keerthi Sagathia and a mellowed down version by Kreem himself. And both versions are very good. While Keerthi’s version is backed by guitars and Keerthi’s energetic singing, Kreem’s version is exactly the opposite. Both singers are top notch. A song which will be liked more after the video maybe.

“DHARPAKAD” is a pure situational song. With funny lyrics and Bappi da’s singing, this song is entertaining but needs an equally enjoyable video. And that is just what the video released does. Not a bad song, but perhaps weak compared to the other songs.

Guest composer Himesh Reshammiya composes one song called “GORE MUKHDE PE ZULFA DI CHHAVA” which is a typical Punjabi dance number. A song which could have easily been a part of the soundtrack of Son of Sardar, this one seems to be a continuation of the song “Po po”. And yet despite all the deja – vu, Himesh succeeds in doing what he does best – gives you a foot tapping dance song with good singing by His regular Aman Trikha, Shadab Sabri and Shreya Ghoshal. And I would definitely prefer Akki in such a song than Salman, Sanjay and Ajay Devgn demonstrating us how to use a mouthwash.

OVERALL, just as Manoj Bajpai says in the trailer – “CH****YA BANA GAYE AAPKO”, that is what the soundtrack does.  When no one expected a soundtrack in the movie, M.M Kreem’s songs are a slap across our face for thinking so. He again proves why he is one of the finest composers in the film industry today. His works in bollywood though less, have been awesome. And Special 26 is no different. It is a good blend of romantic, soulful and situational tracks with Himess bhai providing the necessary dhamaka in the album.

Life mein ne B******d kabhi kisi cheez ko underestimate mat karo. Yeh soundtrack SUNO.
Highly recommended!

MY RATINGS – 8.25 / 10

P.S - Sorry for the vulgarity ;-)
Got a bit carried away by the trailer of the movie. BUT Whattay trailer!  


  1. thi review was good but u must be a fool to hear kk sings bhatt songs and akshay's last few film lead roles was stupid.

  2. Hmm haven't had time to hear it yet, but seeing the 8.25 rating, I'll definitely have to check it out!