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This film intrigued me from the moment I saw its first promo. I still remember the facebook contest regarding the film’s music. Since then I had been waiting expectantly for the music. And since the tracklist released few days back, the anticipation has only grown further. I made it a point not to listen to the single track released few days back, because I wanted to hear the full album at once. And finally it is there.

“AAYATEIN” is the same mesmerizing aalaap which appeared in the film’s trailer. Sung by the Malyalam reality show winner Najim Arshad, this one is pure divinity. Najim Arshad’s voice is superb. But when one was a full fledged long aalaap, the song gets over! With a running time of just 54 seconds, this one mesmerizes you during every single second. How I wish it would have been longer.

“SAWAALON KI GOD MEIN” finally showcases Najim Arshad’s immensely soulful voice to the fullest. With some out of the world saarangi and some haunting chorus, this one is easily one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in recent times. The lyrics seem a little forced initially but as the song progresses, you totally ignore that fact as Najim Arshad’s awesome singing take you to heaven. Another plus point is the fantastic use of tabla. Overall, this is one song which will be loved by music lovers.
And yes. Do watch the video of this song. Kashmir has never looked so surreal in a long long time. The last time it looked so breathtaking was in Shoojit Sircar’s “Yahaan”.
Watch the video of the song HERE

“YEH RAAT MONALISA” is Usha Uthup’s show all the way – UNDOUBTEDLY. This is pure jazz – the piano, the sax and Usha Uthup’s voice. She infuses the right amount of sultriness and attitude required for such a song. this song is less about Advait Nemlekar’s tune and more about how Usha Uthup sings the song – it is clearly evident that she had a ball singing this one. And even we cannot help but smile when she laughs and sings – “PAR YEH UDD NAHIN SAKTE”.

“JHALKIYAAN” has two versions – the main version sung by Javed Ali and Kshitij Tarey and the reprise version sung by Harshdeep Kaur.

As I said earlier, I made it a point not to listen to the reprise version which released few days back.

The main version sees some brilliant singing by Javed Ali and Kshitij Tarey. Both singers are perfect in their rendition – the former in the main portions and the latter in the high notes of the loop of “Jhalkiyaan hain…”. That loop is particularly addictive, especially the use of dholak. There is also some fantastic sitar being used throughout the song. The lyrics are beautiful and a special mention to the portions where a son gets nostalgic about his mother.

The reprise version is more cheerful and less heavy compared to the first one. The song begins with a guitar loop which mesmerizes you. If you thought that was enough, you have Harshdeep to mesmerize you further. As always, her singing is top notch.

I loved both the versions equally. Each one has its own beautiful moments, making this a superb song.

“BAJAO JOR SE TAALI” – When I read the title of the song and saw that the singer was Sukhwinder Singh, I assumed it to be another typical Sukhwinder song – high on energy and instruments. But I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this song. It has some beautiful use of instruments and a relatively mellowed down and soft rendition by Sukhwinder.

The song has a second version which is longer and according to me better than the first. There is not too much difference in the two versions, but I loved the use of tabla in the second version.

OVERALL, for an indie film, “KAAFIRON KI NAMAAZ” boasts of a brilliant soundtrack. The songs are different, in many ways. The tunes are wonderful and Advait Nemlekar’s efforts clearly show. There is not too much of the so called LOUD music, but the emphasis is more on “music”. And “Kaafiron Ki Namaaz” is just that – a pure and beautiful album, something that is obviously made with a lot of heart.

One factor which plays a BIG role in making the songs so brilliant is the outstanding lyrics by director Ram Ramesh Sharma.
Every single song has some amazingly beautiful lyrics which you will have to hear carefully to grasp their true meaning.

A thoroughly wonderful album which works solely on the basis of its superb lyrics, compositions and choice of singers. Not for those who prefer the crap type of music. This is genuinely good music!

All the best to Bhargav Saikia and his team.

MY RATINGS – 8.5 / 10 

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