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It has happened only once in the last eleven years that a movie by “Excel entertainment” has had a full soundtrack by someone other than Shankar – Ehsan – Loy (Unless You count the guest compositions by medival punditz in Don and Karthik calling Karthik). And it was for the film “Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd.” whose music was by Vishal – Shekhar. Now it happens a second time that someone else replaces the regular trio for Excel, and it is Ram Sampath. Coincidentally both these movies have been directed by Reema Kagti.

“MUSKAANEIN JHOOTHI HAIN” is a typical thriller song. With slow beats and a superb tune, it is the sultry voice of Suman Sridhar which makes this song sheer brilliance. Everything about the song reminds us of those thrillers of the 1980’s. And with a video featuring Kareena Kapoor “Khan” (And her extra bright lipstick), this song is sure to become a sure shot hit. There is something very addictive about it. In one word, it is “Slow poison”. Kudos to Ram Sampath for the overall arrangements.

“JEE LE ZARAA” sees Vishal Dadlani doing the singing. He rocks, and HOW! This one is tailor made for Dadlani. He gets every note perfect. His slightly rough yet brilliantly melodious voice has done wonders many a times (Rehem O karam, for example), and this song is no different. The instrumentation of the song is brilliant, especially that guitar (?) loop which is heard in the interludes.

“JIYA LAGE NA” finally brings that singer whom I was waiting for. Sona Mohapatra begins the song with a beautiful unplugged rendition before the beats kick in. Sona who sang the awesome “Rupaiya”, “Chanda pe dance” and “Ghar yaad aata hai” in Satyamev jayate is again nothing short of awesome here too. She deftly sings the classical portions. Aiding her is the melodious Ravindra Upadhyay who was the winner of Airtel [V] Super singer. He too is very good. The beat of the song is exactly similar to Ram’s own song “Karie karoon” from the film “Let’s talk” and the recent “Nadiya” from Nitin Sahwney’s coke studio episode. Javed akhtar’s lyrics are superb.
Overall, this one is a very well done fusion number, the best of the soundtrack.

“HONA HAI KYA” finally sees the composer don the singing hat. I have always loved his voice, be it “Tere Siva” (Delhi belly) or his songs from “Satyamev Jayate”.
This one is a typical thriller song, one which you would expect to be played in the background during some high adrenaline chase scene. Overall, I found the tune a bit outdated. It is a tune which has been moulded into a song many a times. That said Ram brings about a lot of subtle “harkatein” in the tune. Also his singing coupled with the racy and loud background beat make sure that the overall product turns out to be quite good. This one is not in league with the other 4 songs of the album, but is definitely good stuff.

“LAAKH DUNIYA KAHEIN” is a soft rock number sung very well by Ram. Javed Akhtar’s lyrics are very good, and Ram’s singing is top notch. With a running time of six minutes, this one is a beauty to listen and doesn’t seem long at all. It is melodious and well sung by Ram, be it the unplugged portions or the “Tum nahin ho” chorus portions. Ram’s voice suits songs of such genre wonderfully well.

OVERALL, this is a perfect album for a thriller like Talaash. The overall mood of the album is somber and dark as far as most songs are concerned, but we do find slight un-dark-ness in the form of “Laakh duniya kahein”.
Over the past years, Aamir khan has always been very particular regarding the music of his movies. Here again he proves that the music of his latest movie won’t not disappoint the listeners. It belongs to a totally different genre sans the dance and romance stuff. If you were expecting an album like “3 idiots”, you are in for disappointment. This one is not for you. THIS IS A THRILLER. The mere presence of songs in a thriller is a big thing, and if those songs are good and well placed in the movie without hampering the continuity, it is an added achievement.

Final word?
Talaash is dark, classy and superior stuff from Ram Sampath. For a man who is in the industry since the last 15 years, it is a pleasure to see him finally getting his much awaited due. This one is a hattrick successful album for the Ram Sampath – Aamir Khan jodi after Delhi Belly and Satyamev Jayate.

MY RATINGS – 8.5 / 10

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