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I’ve always liked Priyanshu Chatterjee right from his first film “Tum Bin”. Infact, if I make a list of my ten all time favorite films, Tum Bin would find a place among them.
And Dia Mirza – I’m already head over heels on her. She is one of the most naturally beautiful actresses on screen today no doubt.

When Pratim Gupta brings these two together, it must be something nice. And so out of sheer curiosity, I watched the first trailer of “Paanch Adhyay”. While I am stunned by the beautiful Dia mirza, I can’t help but notice the song portions playing in the background. On checking, I found out that Shantanu moitra had given the music. And so for the first time in my life, I (A gujju) heard a Bengali soundtrack.

Now the closest I’ve been to a Bengali soundtrack is “Raincoat” and “Devdas”. That is my remotest link to Bengali music. I’ve still tried to review all the songs. As they say, the lyrics don’t matter when you fall in love with the melody.

“BAAVRI” is sung by Shreya ghoshal. A very easy-on-the-ears song, this one is a delight to listen to, courtesy the saccharine vocals of Shreya. She is flawless, and she totally owns the song when she croons the “baawri” portions. Shantanu moitra’s arrangements are very catchy and the tune, though giving a slight deja – vu feel, is brilliant.

“UREY JAAY” sees Shobha mudgal making her debut in Bengali music as she sings this wonderful number in her usual style. A sad feel to it, this one is as beautiful as it can get. Having been a fan of shobha mudgal since years, it didn’t take me long to fall in love with the song. The video of the song only enhances the beauty of the song.

“AGONTUK” is sung by Shaan and shreya ghoshal. Again, this one is a very catchy number right from the first second. Shaan’s singing goes slightly off tune in the low notes, but he is brilliant in the higher notes. Shreya ghoshal is better here. Overall this song is not the best of the album, but will definitely grow gradually.

“PHIRE PAOWA’R GAAN” is sung by Ashutosh ganguly, better known as Ash king. The signature guitar tune which appears in two more songs is superb. Ash gives the song a pop-ish feel and it sounds very nice.

“YOU & ME” has the same tune as the previous song, but here we have the versatile Usha uthup singing English lyrics penned director saab himself. While the lyrics are simple and very romantic, Usha uthup is superb. This is probably her best song in a long long time. She is too good. And that signature tune I mentioned before is now slowly growing more on me.

The last two songs are the best songs in the entire album, both penned by Swanand kirkire.

“RAHOON TERE PEECHE” is pure awesomeness. Kaushiki chakrabarty’s vocals are brilliant. The tune by moitra is mesmerizingly beautiful, and that signature tune (Again, this time on a saxophone) is killer. Add to that, some touchingly romantic lyrics by swanand kirkire, and this makes the song a heavenly experience. This one is my favorite track of the album, and will stay in my playlist for a long time to come.

“UDA JAAY” has the same tune as Shobha mudgal’s “Urey jaay”. This one is sung and written by Swanand kirkire. Over and over again, he proves that he is a terrific singer. This only reaffirms my feeling. The song meant to be a sad one, sounds exactly that, owing to Swanand’s singing. He infuses the right amount of pain and emotions, making this song a clear winner.

OVERALL, my debut into Bengali music was one heavenly experience. While shantanu moitra’s tunes are gorgeous, melodious and soothing, the ensemble of singers is another plus point. The singers for every song are perfect. And while the hindi songs are being loved by me, I am loving the Bengali ones equally. Although I didn’t understand a single word, I am humming them all day long.

And above all, these are going to be picturized on "The" gorgeous Dia mirza – bliss!

An album which every music lover (Bengali or not) should listen! Simple, charming and beautiful.

MY RATINGS – 8.5 / 10

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