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Let us take a look at amit trivedi’s works this year.

In the beginning of 2012, he composes a peppy album for Dharma productions.

Few months later, he composes another beauty for the yashraj banner. (Read my music review of ishaqzaade HERE)

He is a gujarati mind you. And yet he composed a fantastic score for English Vinglish with a lovely Marathi wedding song. (Read my music review HERE)

As if that wasn’t enough, he composed a parody by the name of Aiyyaa where again he tried his hands at Marathi (Lavni) and even south Indian music. The results were fairly engaging and highly innovative.

And now he goes PUNJABI for “Luv shuv tey chicken khurana”.


So many diverse languages and he still gives something different everytime. LSTCK is no different. As always with anurag kashyap, here too the album is amazing.

“KIKLIKALERDI” is a kind of game small girls play. It is somewhat similar to those “Ringa ringa roses” type games. Imagine a song out of that, and that too when amit trivedi is at the helm of the affairs. Don’t imagine. You will run out of it. Such is the song. It is brilliant. The “Kiklikalerdi” loop by Pinky Maidasani is superb. Amit trivedi is bang on as usual. With satirical lyrics by Shelle depicting Heer ranjha, the song is total madness. Add to that the addictive dholaks and the flute portions. If you thought this was enough, we have Yo Yo honey singh doing some rap portions with some really naughty lyrics. Picture this –

“Agar ho koi anhonee, toh tu khaa liyo pill,
Main tera raja hoon, tu meri rani hai,
Baby suraksha hi saavdhaani hai.”

The beginning portion of “MOTORWADA” reminds me of some song (From the OST of Hangover maybe, though can’t place it). This song is another typical AT offering. While Amit trivedi impresses with his hariyanvi singing portions, it is Tochi Raina who steals the show with his super singing. But the USP of the song is its lyrics – hilarious. Ever heard the sound of someone spitting in typical desi style “Aaakthoo” in a song?
This one is another beauty with its weird background arrangements.

After two typical AT songs, we have a song which is as simple and as “Un – Trivedi” as it can get. “LUV SHUV TEY CHICKEN KHURANA” is the best song of the soundtrack. And what make it awesome are its simplicity and again, the brilliant lyrics. This is a song describing the pyaar – bhara bickering between a husband and wife. While the wife threatens to go to her “Maayke”, the husband in true romantic style tries to woo her. The soft tabla that plays in the background in almost the entire song and the dholak beats towards the end are lovely.
Harshdeep Kaur and Shahid Mallya are tailor made for this song. Their rendition is very genuine and pure. I hope the song gets an equally romantic picturization in the movie. This one is going to linger in my mind for a long time.

“LUNI HASI” is sung by Harshdeep Kaur. Right from the beginning, this song is instantly reminiscent of Dev D. the electric arrangements, the beats are nicely done. But what makes the song worth is Harshdeep’s rendition. She sings this one brilliantly.

The song has another male version sung by Devender Singh (Yes, Lata mangeshkar’s favorite sardar from India Idol, and the singer of NIRMOHAYA from Coke Studio).
And this version is equally good. Only thing I wish Devender improves his style of pronouncing the syllable “S” (Hear it again to know what I mean.)

The beginning of “MAKHKHAN MALAI” sounds exactly like “Dhinka chika”. (Is it only me who feels so?)
Sung by a singer called Dilbahaar, this song is a fast paced number which is a delightful listen. The way the music is arranged plus the singing are very good. Not the best song of the album, but definitely very good. Expect a really “Dhamaal” picturization of this song.

“FARUKHA BAADI” starts off in that typical Punjabi style – where we hear the chorus of many women and girls laughing and unnecessarily giggling. And then we have that female chorus of baari barsi. Just when I was going to skip it thinking it to be another routine yawn Punjabi wedding number, the female chorus sings “FO” and “Teri maa behen ki kar doon main jai jai abhi”, and I was like what was THAT?
With weird background sounds like that of something being deep – fried in oil, this one has Labh Janjua doing the singing. He sings it in true Punjabi style, making this another enjoyable listen. Had it not been for the arrangements and lyrics, it would have become another mediocre punju gaana. Thankfully AT salvages this one, and HOW!

“KIKLIKALERDI” appears in a Punjabi version which has different lyrics in the same tune. Yo yo honey singh’s rap portion is better than the hindi version, although it is devoid of those “Suraksha saavdhhani” lyrics. It is difficult to actually tell which version is better. Each one will have its own takers.

Finally we have the “LUV SHUV TEY CHICKEN KHURANA THEME” by Tapas roy. And this one is a beauty. With the lovely sounding iktara, amit trivedi composes an instrumental tune not resembling any of the songs in the album. It is soothing and very nice. A perfect finish to the album.

In a nutshell, the lyricist Shelley and composer amit produce something that breaks all borders of creativity. The album is outrageous and weird. Amit includes small things in his music which you can never imagine. It is very very different. There are places where you will actually marvel at the sheer audacity of the composer – lyricist duo.
OVERALL, he does it again! AT proves why he is among the finest composers today. He adds one more feather in his cap this year continuing his golden run this year. This one is nothing short of a masterpiece from him. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

MY VERDICT – 8.5 / 10

P.S - The fellow is not done yet. within 2 months he is returning with abhishek kapoor's "Kai po che" - where he will finally be composing some gujarati based stuff. (hopefully)

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  1. The album is fantastic! Innovative, creative and punjabi to the core.....luni hasi,kilikalerdi,title track and farukha badi are gems.....The very fact that im listening to this album more over Jab tak Hain Jaan speaks for itself! :-D