Tuesday, October 30, 2012


“LONELY” starts off nicely with Yo Yo honey singh doing some nice rap. But disaster strikes as soon as Himesh turns up on the mic. He sings in his usual voice, a bit more nasal this time. Hamsika iyer’s portions are very well done. And himesh takes a leaf out of his old composition from “Namastey London”, singing the line “Teri yaad saath hai” in his nasal voice. Infact, this is the only line sung by himesh which sounds okay. The rest of his vocals are bad. The typical fast beats don’t make any difference. Overall, quite a forgettable beginning.

With “BALMA”, things go even further down the hill. The song which is supposed to be a tribute to Pancham da, is awful. While sreeram’s vocals are superb, shreya ghoshal sounds as if she has just run 10 kilometres and then immediately singing. The video is the most disgusting. If this was meant to be a tribute to the legend, then this is not done. It feels more of an insult rather than a tribute. And BOLLYWOOD, Sreeram is a brilliant singer. You first rope him to sing a REMIX in “Mere brother ki dulhan” and now give him THIS! Come on, atleast offer him something of his caliber and standard. 

“LONG DRIVE” is my favorite song in the album. In a way, this is himesh’s tribute to “AMPLIFIER”. The song is a winner right from the word GO. Be it the harmonium loop or the rock guitar beats, they sound really awesome. Mika sings this one superbly. He goes high scale in the antara, and the results are very good. This song is perfect for a LONG DRIVE in your car.

The way “SAARI SAARI RAAT” starts, I was mesmerized. The initial musical portion is so super soothing. I was expecting one fantastic love ballad. However my expectations came crashing down faster than the World trade centre. YES – one more case where himesh spoils and ruins a brilliant tune by his singing. God knows how much he modifies his voice by digital techniques, but it sounds even more horrible. The only plus point of the song, as I said before is its beautiful tune. If any one of you can sing even decently well, sing this one in your own voice, record it and listen to it instead of this version.

“KHILADI BHAIYYA” is “Hud hud dabbang” part 2. Almost every single beat reminds us of it. However, this one I still liked. The “khiladi bhaiyya” chorus is nicely done, and Vineet’s voice is awesome. I have always loved his voice right from the time he came on “Saregamapa”. This one will be a hit thanks to the video.

“HOOKAAH BAR” is a totally avoidable track. With horrid lyrics and nothing exciting tune wise, this one falls flat. The group of singers does well to salvage this one, but to no avail.

“TU HOOR PARI” again is nothing extraordinary. Javed ali, shreya ghoshal, chandrakala singh and harshdeep kaur deliver their best, but that doesn’t help the mediocre tune. Avoid this one too after one hearing.

OVERALL, only I liked only two songs. The third one was spoilt by the vocals of Himesss bhai. The rest of the album range from bearable to horrible. This one is only for hardcore akki and himesh fans, which are quite a lot.

MY RATINGS - 5 / 10


  1. senseless music review ...go get a life..!!!
    saari saari raat,long drive,hookah drive

  2. i just wish people had more music sense rhan they proclaim...i mean this 2rs guy is reviewing music and obv he knows nothing....no wonder india doesnt progress..wrong ppl at wrong places

  3. 2 gaane like karke ehsaan kar rha hai taauu.
    chhod de reveiw dena ,koi aur kaam dhoond le

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    1. U r another Himesh Hater..

      Pls Pls ignore him if u dislike him...

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  5. For God's sake, Learn Some Shame before Reviewing...

    If u dont know anything about Music,
    Why dont u just shut up...

    There's not a single sentence of urs which shows that u know anything about Music..

    U are merely another Himesh Basher....

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